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GoPros and low blows - part 1 (written by Reg)

This is a great piece of writing from our reader Reg. It's always amazing to see someone else take my characters and write a story with them. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did! Special thanks to Reg for this extraordinary story!

“Hey guys, and welcome to Hot Josh, part three!”

The teenage boy ran his fingers through his dark, spiky hair and gave a sexy pout into the Go-Pro lens. He wore a sleeveless wife-beater with the cheeky slogan “Installing muscles, please wait” printed boldly on the front. The boy clearly had big ambitions since his shirt hung rather loosely from his lean frame.

With a cocky grin he slowly slipped off his shirt to reveal a toned, sporty body. He began to flex in front of the camera, showing off his hard young muscles. He was well developed for his age and had clearly been spending much of his free time in the gym.

He stood with his hands on his hips and gave a bad-ass sneer as he bounced his sleek, chiseled pecs. Then he ran his hand down his washboard abs before playfully groping the prominent bulge in his black shorts.

“Impressive, huh guys?” the boy bragged with a cocky grin “Now check this out!”

He walked up to the camera and flexed his arm directly in front of the lens. Stepping back he placed arms behind his head and displayed his muscles proudly. His sexy biceps jutted out of his arms in hard rounded peaks like tennis balls.

“Who the hell watches this!” Kev chuckled quietly from the far side of the room and nudged his room-mate.

The two jocks were slumped on the sofa watching the teenager with bemused expressions on their handsome faces. They were also shirtless, exposing their impressively muscled physiques.

“I think it’s photo-bomb time!” Kev nudged Ben playfully.

Kev snuck up behind the teenager and silently started mimicking him, flexing his impressive muscles in the background. Finally he couldn’t resist laughing out loud and the boy turned to face him with an annoyed frown.

Josh glanced up enviously at Kev’s beefy arms  and tried to compare them to his own muscles. His disappointment was plain for all to see. His young guns were pretty impressive but clearly not in the same league as the big jock. To rub salt into his wounds, Kev winked at the camera  and reached forward to squeeze the boy’s young muscles.

“You’re getting there, little cousin!” Kev laughed.

“Fuck off, dickhead!” Josh retorted angrily.

THUD! Kev’s smile suddenly faded as the boy booted him hard in the groin. Kev gasped as pain exploded in his balls and his knees slowly drew together. Unfortunately his self defence instinct was a little too slow and the teenager quickly fired another brutal punt into the jock’s vulnerable gonads. Another sickening thud echoed through the room as Kev keeled over in agony.

“Fuck!” Kev grunted and his jaw dropped wide open. His hands gripped the boy’s biceps as he clung on, determined to stay on his feet despite the pain in his battered testicles.

Josh beamed at the camera and made his muscles bounce under Kev’s fingers.

“Feel my muscles!” he laughed sarcastically.

“My nuts!” Kev groaned weakly and his fingers slowly slipped off Josh’s arms and fell to his crotch. He slunked back into a corner, moaning in pain as he cradled his battered jewels.

“Nice one Josh! Right in the nads!” Ben exclaimed leaping up from the sofa.

They exchanged high fives and whooped with laughter as they celebrated Kev’s humiliation..

Josh was beaming with joy as he watched his older cousin suffering. He had arrived a few days earlier and was staying with Kev while his parents were abroad. He was a cocky, fun-loving kid and was having a blast hanging out with the two care-free jocks. He made a natural ally for Ben since they both got a buzz out of belittling Kev.

 “Poor Kev! You know, I even beat him at wrestling last time!” Josh bragged to his new comrade.

“Seriously, dude!” Ben laughed.

Kev looked up rather sheepishly.

“Did little Josh here kick your ass, buddy?” Ben enquired with mock sympathy.

“No!” Kev gasped, blushing slightly “Well OK he won, but the little fucker cheated.”

“Come on, it was just a little squeeze!” Josh protested innocently before giving a sly wink to the camera.

Licking his lips, the teen slowly closed his fingers around two imaginary objects about the size of walnuts. His lean muscles rippled as he clenched his fists until his knuckles shone white through his tanned skin.

“Weak balls, I guess!” Ben nudged him and they both chuckled.

“Yeah! Poor Kev” Josh continued “He acts like he’s a big, tough guy but, man, you should have heard him screaming like a bitch!”

“Ha! What a wimp!” Ben chuckled.

“Not like you, huh?” Josh gave Ben a cheeky wink “You’re more of a man than Kev, right?”

Ben shrugged nonchalantly and bounced his pecs in front of the teenager. His silent show of power seemed to spur Josh on.

“Wow dude! Check out those bulging muscles!”

 Josh sighed in admiration as he ran his fingers down Ben’s powerful torso. Ben just smiled at the camera and puffed up his chest like a prize-winning cockerel.

“Not to mention that other bulge!” Josh raised his eyebrows as he pointed at Ben’s crotch.

Ben gulped in surprise but continued beaming proudly into the camera.

 “What a pair of rocks!” Josh nudged him playfully “Balls of steel, right? Biggest balls in the…”

“OK that’s enough, Josh!” Ben interrupted him suddenly and clapped his hands around the boy’s mouth.

Kev cleared his throat loudly. He was standing right behind Josh wearing an amused expression on his face.

“You and your big mouth!” Kev laughed at Ben “You call those balls of steel?”

He shook his head derisively, then without warning powered his knee straight into Ben’s unprotected bulge.

“Ugh! Fuuuuuck!” Ben roared in pain and doubled over clutching his battered testicles.

“Hey!!!” Josh’s protest was cut short as Kev backhanded him viciously between the legs.

“Shit! Not my nuts!” The teenager whimpered in pain as he staggered backwards. 

Kev’s fist had clearly nailed the boy’s delicate young orbs and he soon collapsed on his knees and started coughing as he clutched his aching jewels.

Ben refused to succumb so easily and seemed determined to cling to the remains of his dignity. He stood slightly hunched with both hands inside his shorts gritting his teeth as he carefully rearranged the mangled contents of his underwear.

“Biggest balls in the room, huh Ben?” Kev chuckled “But only when you’re alone with Josh!”

“Fuck you!” Ben growled angrily.

The jibes about his manhood hurt Ben far more than the dull ache between his legs. For once he resisted the temptation to defend his honour and decided to keep quiet, hoping that Kev’s smugness would soon wear off. In truth Ben was very well endowed and usually loved to show off his junk but a recent event had left him with a rare streak of modesty.

It was a few weeks back when the two jocks were filming a video in the studio. Kev had stripped naked and was casually flaunting his impressive genitals in front of the camera. With a cocky grin Kev boasted that his roommate couldn’t match his size and Ben had boldly risen to the challenge….and lost!!!

Ben shuddered as he was reminded of the utter humiliation of that day.  Although he stubbornly refused to acknowledge Kev’s size advantage, he was wary of being lured into another direct comparison. His miserable thoughts were finally disrupted by a loud interruption.

“Dirty fucker!” Josh, cursed angrily as he finally rose painfully to his feet.

“Well, I guess we’re even now little cousin!” Kev laughed “Dude, your little cherries are so fragile!”

“They’re not little!” the boy yelled angrily “Anyway, if you think you’re so tough why don’t you challenge Ben! I bet he’s more of a man than you!”

The two jocks turned in surprise towards the teenager. Normally neither could resist the opportunity to show off their manliness but it was usually for the chicks.

“Well OK, why not?” Kev shrugged “What do you say buddy?”

Ben grunted his agreement as he continued fondling his big bulge. He had an unsure feeling about this but here was a chance to impress Josh and prove that he was still the top dog.

After some discussion the boys finally agreed on the rules.

To make things fair, Ben and Kev would each take turns to propose a man-challenge. After each event, the winner would get a point and a free shot at the loser’s balls. There would be five rounds and at the end they would count points and declare a winner.

“And how about you Josh?” Kev grabbed his cousin by the shoulder “Ready to put your boyhood on the line?”

“What? No fucking way!” Josh backed away holding his crotch “You already trashed my nuts!”

“Yeah, just leave him out of this!” Ben quickly stepped in front of the teenager.

“He’s just a kid!” he continued “There’s no way he could compete with us. One little slap and you almost popped his berries.”

“Come off it, Ben!” Kev chuckled “We’ve been nailing each other’s nuts since we were in junior school. Don’t you remember?”

“Yeah I guess, it was a long time ago.” Ben muttered glumly.

He grimaced as the childhood memory came flooding back and instinctively shielded his balls.

“You know, I was actually quite jealous when you hit puberty before me!” Kev laughed and elbowed Ben playfully in the ribs.

“Really? Well of course you were!” Ben suddenly beamed triumphantly “The whole class was jealous of my big danglers!”

“Yeah, floppy and fragile!” Kev laughed “Me and the other boys used to place bets to see who could nail your precious bean-bag!”

“What???” Ben huffed indignantly “Fuck! No wonder my big nuts got busted all the time! I couldn’t jerk off for a year without crying.”

“And actually they weren’t THAT big!” Kev chuckled “But you were such an arrogant jerk in the changing room. Always parading around naked and daring anyone to challenge your boyhood!”

“That’s a lie!” Ben protested, blushing slightly.

“You should of seen him in the showers after wrestling” Kev turned to Josh laughing hysterically. “He’d be there flaunting his family jewels and laughing at our little marbles. Then I would sneak behind him and… BAM! Right in the happy sack! Dude it was priceless. One little kick and Ben would go down like a sack of bricks. Just like you Josh!”

Josh and Ben both turned crimson with embarrassment.

“Alright enough!” Josh murmured “Look OK I’ll join in but one challenge only. The last one, and I get to choose!”

The two jocks agreed and tossed a coin to start. Ben won with heads and took no time at all to choose his first event.

“Let’s arm-wrestle, buddy!” he beamed excitedly.

With a big grin he walked up to his room-mate and flexed his powerful biceps, turning his head to lick the big mound of muscle.

“Ready to face my pythons again, Kev! Or maybe you want to give up now?”

Kev just rolled his eyes but Ben wasn’t finished yet

“Oh yeah, baby! Fucking guns-of steel” he bragged “You’re going down, weakling!”

“Alright guys, take your places.” Josh laughed, pointing at the coffee table “We’ll do one round, right handed, so make it count!”

Kev and Ben were soon kneeling in front of the coffee table, stretching and flexing their arms as they warmed up for the first event.

“Wow Ben, your arms are amazing!” Josh enthused “You’re going to destroy my poor cousin with these!”

The teenager walked up behind Ben and started stroking the stud’s biceps; following the contours of the hard peaks of muscle with his hands. He ran his fingers around Ben’s solid shoulders and began to massage his neck. Unseen by his cousin, his teenage cock was throbbing and straining inside his gym shorts.

“Mine are just as big!” Kev frowned and clenched his own muscles

Josh glanced at Kev dismissively as he continued to worship Ben’s body. He was fully aware that the two vain jocks were similar in size but he couldn’t resist watching his cousin squirm. In truth Ben’s chiselled biceps did look more imposing but Kev’s body seemed to have the edge in other areas. It was going to be a close battle for sure and Josh couldn’t wait to see all those manly muscles in action.

The jocks locked hands above the coffee table and exchanged gibes as they waited for Josh to give the signal to start.  

“I’ll wipe that dumb grin off your face, Ben!” Kev stated bluntly.

“You wish!” Ben laughed “I’ll crush your puny arms with these guns!”

Ben peered down and bounced his biceps arrogantly.

“GO!” Josh suddenly yelled excitedly.

Ben was caught totally off-guard. He was still gazing in admiration at his own arm when Kev’s attack hit him like a steam train.

“Huuuuughhh!!!” Kev’s grunted as his muscular body exploded into action, instantly overwhelming his vain room-mate and forcing his hand down towards the table. Ben gasped in alarm, bracing his big biceps against the sudden assault but Kev was determined to capitalize on his early advantage. Skillfully he leaned forward adding his bodyweight to the brutal power of his arms.

“Fuuuuuuuck!!!!” Ben roared.  His powerful biceps seemed to explode from his arm as he tried desperately to contain Kev’s powerful attack. He stared in disbelief as his mighty arm edged closer and closer to a humiliating defeat.

“Use your guns, Ben!” Josh yelled anxiously.

He shifted next to Ben and grasped the jock’s baseball-sized biceps, pressing his fingertips into the solid mound of muscle. The struggling jock gritted his teeth in response and heaved with all his might. He was gasping from the immense effort but finally Kev’s attack halted with Ben’s hand almost touching the table.

Kev took a deep breath, maintaining a relentless pressure against Ben’s tortured biceps as he prepared to finish his opponent off.

“Come on, Ben!” Kev snarled through clenched teeth “Let’s see those guns of steel?”

“Fuck you!” Ben gasped, shaking his head in disbelief.

With a sudden roar of defiance, Ben counter-attacked, harnessing all the power in his powerful arm. But his opponent was ready, grunting deeply in response as he responded with all his strength. Kev’s powerful chest clenched into a solid wall of muscles and Ben’s charge was quickly contained.

Ben shook his head in disbelief and roared once again; thick veins were now winding in crazy paths along his bulging arms. His tortured biceps screamed in agony as he made another, last ditch attempt to escape a humiliating defeat.

Kev gritted his teeth, and leaned harder than ever against his struggling opponent. Both jocks were grunting and groaning as their trained muscles flexed and strained. Despite Ben’s heroic resistance, his arm remained firmly pinned on the wrong side of the table and his formidable arm muscles were beginning to tire.

Kev managed to smile through his clenched teeth. His cocky room-mate was at his mercy now and he was enjoying dragging out Ben’s humiliation.

“Is that all you’ve got, wimp?” Kev chuckled “All show and no go!”

Kev’s upper body rippled as he slowly increased the pressure against Ben’s beautiful biceps.

“Fuck you! NO!!!” Ben screamed defiantly but he could only watch in horror as  his beloved guns began to succumb to his room-mates power.

 “Come on BIG-BALLS!” Josh suddenly screamed in Ben’s ear.

“FUUUCK!!!” Ben suddenly howled in agony.

Josh had slipped a sneaky hand deep inside the jock’s briefs and grasped one of his plump, sweaty testicles. With a cruel smile he dug his fingers into the soft fleshy organ making the virile stud yelp in distress. Ben’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets, his body bolted and jerked wildly as if he had touched a live wire.

Kev stared across in confusion at his opponent. Then, suddenly Ben threw his head back and bellowed like a dying minotaur. Every muscle contracted instantaneously as pain exploded from his gonad.

Ben’s hand suddenly thrust upwards with superhuman power almost tearing the ligaments in Kev’s shoulder. Raising his face to the heavens the tortured jock let out a final blood curdling scream as he slammed Kev’s hand down against the table. 

“Fuck yeah!!!” Josh danced around him, pumping his fists “Ben wins!”

Ben slowly slumped to the ground and lay curled up in a ball clutching at his groin

“Wha…what the fuck just happened!” Kev stood slowly, holding his head with a look of utter disbelief.

“You lost, bro!” Josh grinned with satisfaction.

Ben remained on his knees moaning and rubbing his tender nut. It took a few seconds for his victory to register.

“I won?” Ben gaped at Josh in confusion “Fucking right I won! Guns of steel!”

He stood up gingerly and flexed his tired arms in Kev’s face.

“Nice try loser!” Ben laughed  “Now for your punishment! Spread your legs and feel the real power of my biceps!”

Ben dropped to one knees and swung his arm up between his room-mate’s legs, smashing his baseball biceps into Kev’s tightly packed balls. Kev grunted in pain and staggered away clutching his aching nuts.  He took a few deep breaths then jumped up and down to shake off the pain. He was soon ready for the next event.

“Ok Kev, you’re one nil down but now it’s your turn” Josh grinned excitedly “So what’s your first challenge?”

“Time to wipe that smile off your face, Ben! How about a little Roshambo? Southpark style!” Kev grinned with obvious relish.

Ben’s smile faded and he bit his lip sullenly.

“Face facts Ben, I scramble your fragile eggs every single time!” Kev laughed “Dude you can kiss your love life goodbye right now.”

“Fuck you! I’ve got balls of steel! ” Ben responded with characteristic bravado but his quavering voice betrayed his concern.

“Yeah my money’s on you Ben!” Josh agreed enthusiastically “Now shorts off for this one!”

to be continued

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7 days of pain: Your choice

Justin Bieber’s time as a celebrity guest star on the wicked and wonderful show “7 days of pain” isn’t over yet. Now it’s your turn to decide who will get another go at Justin’s nuts on Day 7.

Here are the contenders:
Kev, Colin and Ben (Day 1)
Cal and Brandon (Day 2)
Leo, Sammy and Tristan (Day 3)
The twins (Day 4)
Danny and Simon (Day 5)
Logan and Zach (Day 6)

Please make your choice in the new poll. If you are reading this post on your computer you find it in the right column of this blog. If you are reading this post on your mobile device you find it at the bottom of this page.

The poll is open until September 27th.

Starting now, I’ll be off on vacation, which means there’ll be no updates for the next two weeks, and I won’t be able to reply to emails or comments.

I’ll be back in two weeks.

If you have any ideas for the grand finale of Justin Bieber’s “7 days of pain” let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

And don’t forget to vote in the poll! :-))

7 days of pain: Day 6 (Logan and Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

If you want to read another story feat. Justin Bieber and you don’t mind brutal violence and permanent damage, you might want to check out “Rage and Revenge”.

Previous parts:
Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)
Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)
Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)
Day 4 (the twins)
Day 5 (Danny and Simon)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Are you going to whip out your whopper?” Logan grinned.

The 18 year old high school student ran his hand through his short blond hair. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of loose sweat pants and sneakers. With a muscular arms and legs and a perfect six-pack he looked awesome, an All-American guy ready for some action.

“I dunno”, Zach scratched his head.

He was two years older than Logan, and he looked like he could be the high school student’s older brother. His hair was the same shade of blond as Logan’s, and his built was similar to Logan’s. He was a bit more muscular, a bit bigger and a bit taller than Logan. He was dressed like Logan, shirtless, wearing sweat pants and sneakers.

The biggest difference between Logan and Zach was the colossal piece of meat that dangled between Zach’s legs. The huge bulge in his sweat pants only hinted at what I knew was one of the biggest, most formidable pieces of fuckmeat that I had ever been privileged to see.

Zach grabbed his crotch, squeezing his package with a wide grin. “Maybe. I dunno.”

Logan laughed. “Oh, come on. You can fuck Justin Bieber’s ass on national television.”

Zach’s dick twitched inside his pants. “Yeah, you’re right”, he chuckled. “You don’t pass up a chance like that. I bet his hole is nice and tight…”

We were standing on the set of “7 days of pain”, a popular show that featured eager contestants finding creative and unusual ways of torture. In its celebrity edition, Justin Bieber was the lucky star at the center of attention.

After having his dick and balls hit, kicked, electrocuted, waxed, squeezed, flattened and stretched for five days, Zach and Logan were the final contestants to have a go at his world-famous equipment.

After the show’s broadcast tonight, the viewers were going to decide who hurt poor Justin’s bieberspuds in the most creative and entertaining way. The lucky winners were going to have one more go at Justin’s genitals.

“It won’t be nice and tight once we’re done with it”, Logan grinned, playfully smacking Zach in the nuts with the back of his hand.

Zach’s laughter ended in a coughing fit as he doubled over, clutching his crotch and grimacing in pain.

As we waited for the famous singer to come to the set, I learned that Zach and Logan had saved up their spunk for almost two weeks.

“They’re bursting”, Logan chuckled, putting his thumbs into the waistband of his pants and pulling them down just enough to show off his semi-hard cock and his heavy, sperm-filled babymakers.

“Fuck yeah”, Zach chimed in. When he lowered his pants and his underwear, his dick shot up, smacking against his muscular abs and sending drops of precum flying around. “I can’t wait to plow that tight hole.”

“I thought you were straight”, I chuckled.

“I am”, Zach said quickly before his face broke into a grin. “But I’m making an exception for Justin Bieber. I mean, he practically is a girl, isn’t he?” He adjusted his crotch. “I bet he has a nice, tight pussy.”

Logan laughed. “Maybe too tight for your monster cock.”

Zach grabbed the fat, meaty sausage outlined in his sweat pants. “This battering ram will blast his back door wide open”, he grinned.

A couple of minutes later Justin Bieber entered the set.

He looked tired and exhausted. He was stark naked, his hands crossed in front of his crotch, cupping his genitals.

If I hadn’t known better I would have thought that he was a bad Justin Bieber impersonator. There was nothing spectacular about him, nothing to remind us that he was, in fact, one of the most successful male singers in the world. His tattoos looked ridiculous, his muscles looked absurd. He gave the impression of a little, shy boy playing dress-up in a tattooed muscle suit.

Zach and Logan introduced themselves, and I expected the singer to launch into one of his “nobody breaks my balls of steel” routines. Instead, he looked at his feet, avoiding the handsome blond studs’ eyes.

“We were talking about your pussy”, Zach said with a mean grin. “Maybe you could turn around so we can have a look at it?”

Justin hesitated for a moment. “You’re going to fuck me, right?” he mumbled.

Zach nodded his head. “Yeah. Oh yeah”, he grinned, putting his hands on his hips to focus Justin’s attention to the huge snake in his pants.

The singer gulped. “I---“ He closed his mouth and turned around.

“Spread your cheeks for us”, Zach said.

Justin groaned and did as he was told, showing off his puckered hole.

“Nice”, Zach chuckled, his dick twitching. “I’m gonna destroy that hole…”

Logan laughed. “Speaking of destruction…” He grabbed Justin’s shoulder and turned him around.

Justin was clasping his crotch shyly.

Logan chuckled and pulled Justin’s hands away, revealing his floppy dick and his big, low-hanging balls.

“Ewww.” Logan and Zach recoiled.

Justin blushed.

His genitals were a mess. His dick was beet red and bruised, and his nuts were ridiculously swollen, filling out his entire sack. There was not a single pubic hair at his crotch, making the sight even more bizarre.

“What did you expect after--- I mean, it’s been five days of--- My nuts are--- And my dick is just---“ Justin stuttered, looking helplessly at his all but useless genitalia. “I mean---“

Logan and Zach looked at each other and laughed.

“We get it”, Logan smiled, patting Justin’s shoulder.

“You’re pathetic”, Zach said.

“Yup”, Logan grinned. “And you’re gonna get your ass fucked today.”

Justin Bieber let out a miserable groan. “Please, can’t you just---“

“No way around it”, Zach grinned. “You’ve had it coming, with your awful music and that hideous face.” He slapped Justin’s cheek, making him gasp in surprise. Then Zach winked at the handsome singer. “You won’t be able to sit for a week…”

“And walking will not be very easy, either”, Logan mused before bringing his foot up between Justin’s thighs and crunching his nuts into his body.

Justin’s cheeks puffed and his eyes crossed instantly. He let out a long, wheezing groan. His knees met and he doubled over, his face contorted in agony.

Zach and Logan laughed, and Zach smacked Justin’s butt cheek with the palm of his hand, leaving a red hand print on Justin’s flawless skin.

A few minutes later, the cameras were rolling.

Zach and Logan looked at Justin, huge grins on their faces.

They had cuffed Justin’s hands behind his back, and the popular singer looked nothing short of terrified. He glanced at the massive erection that was straining Zach’s pants, his eyes twitching nervously.

“Do you want to fuck him right away?” Logan asked with a smile.

“Sure, why not”, Zach chuckled.

“Bend over, slut”, Logan grinned at Justin Bieber.

The singer stared at him, an incredulous expression on his face.

“Need a little help, huh?” Logan smiled and kicked Justin’s nuts hard. His instep collided with Justin’s nuts, slamming them into his body and causing him to fold at the waist, his face a mask of pain.

Zach pulled down his pants and smacked his dick against Justin’s butt cheeks, marking his territory.

“Prepare for the battering ram”, Zach chuckled as he lined up his dick with Justin’s puckered hole.

“There’s nothing to prepare him for that monster”, Logan chuckled, leaning over and pulling Justin’s cheeks apart.

Zach laughed and shoved his dick all the way into Justin’s virgin hole in one brutal motion.

Justin screamed at the top of his lungs as his ass was invaded by Zach’s mighty schlong.

Zach’s balls slapped against Justin’s sore, bloated babymakers, creating additional pain as he started banging the superstar’s butt like there was no tomorrow.

Justin was screaming and squealing, his handsome face contorted in pain as Zach pounded his ass, his hands on Justin’s hips, thrusting his huge cock in an out of Justin’s stretching hole.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. The visual was striking, and I was sure that it would look great on television. Must-see-TV.

Growing bored with watching Zach’s monster dong slide in and out of Justin’s hole, Logan got down on his knees and started jerking Justin’s bruised cock with one hand while slapping and smacking his bloated balls with the other one.

A curious mix of sounds filled the set: Justin’s screams, Zach’s moans of pleasure, Justin’s balls getting smacked, Zach’s hips slapping against Justin’s butt, Logan’s laughter – it sounded as if someone had mixed the soundtracks of a documentary about rollercoasters and a porn flick.

Logan’s energetic stimulation of Justin’s dick seemed to be quite successful. The bruised, red dick fattened and hardened, turning into a very painful looking erection, as Logan’s slaps and smacks to Justin’s balls turned into full-blown punches that sent his nuts flying around in his sack.

“Shit, that hole’s tight”, Zach grunted as he fucked Justin’s butt at an ever faster pace.

“Help’s coming”, Logan chuckled, wrapping his finger’s around Justin’s ballsack and squishing his nuts with his strong hands. “I’ll squeeze out a big helping of Bieber’s Finest home-made lube…”

Justin was grunting and groaning,

Zach laughed and pulled his dick out of Justin’s hole, leaving it gaping open.

“Here it cums”, Logan announced cheerfully as Justin’s dick released a big batch of creamy jizz into Logan’s palm.

Logan continued squeezing Justin’s nuts, determined to squish every last drop of cum out of the superstar’s swollen spuds as spurt after spurt of cream splattered into his palm.

His hand filled with Justin’s superstar spunk, Logan reached up and shoved his fingers into Justin’s gaping hole, lubing it up with his own creamy lotion.

“There you go”, Logan chuckled. He thrust three of his fingers in and out of Justin’s stretched hole. “Wow, you’ve done a good job so far. Justin Bieber’s a virgin no more…”

Zach laughed and rammed his dick into Justin’s slick butt hole while Logan’s fingers were still inside, making both Justin and Logan scream at the same time.

“Fuck”, Logan grunted, pulling his hand away from Justin’s hole. “You trying to break my fingers?”

“The only thing I’m trying to break is Justin fucking Bieber”, Zach chuckled as he pounded the handsome singer’s ass with deep, hard thrusts.

Logan laughed. “Yeah, I’m with you on that.”  He brought his hand up to Justin’s pain-contorted face who stared at Logan’s sticky fingers with a disgusted expression on his face. “Come on, clean it up. It’s only your ass.” Logan grinned. “And your cum.” With that, he jammed his fingers into Justin’s mouth, muffling his screams of protest.

Zach’s breathing quickened and he fucked Justin’s ass harder and harder, deeper and deeper, faster and faster.

Suddenly, he brought his head back, sinking his dick to the hilt in the superstar singer’s warm hole.

“Fuck yeah!” Zach roared as flooded Justin’s insides with his pent-up sperm.

“Fuck yeah!” Logan chimed in, delivering a hard uppercut to Justin’s spent and sore nuts.

“Mrgphph!” Justin grunted, his mouth filled with Logan’s fingers.

“Do you wanna have a go?” Zach said, pulling his dick out of Justin’s hole, causing a wave of cum to flow out of it and run down Justin’s thighs.

“Hell yeah”, Logan grinned.

They turned Justin on his back and Zach held his ankles, spreading his legs apart and lifting his butt off the ground.

Logan jerked his dick a couple of times before sticking it into Justin’s cream-filled hole.

“Damn”, Logan moaned as his balls slapped against Justin’s ass. “You really loosened up that hole.”

“Sorry”, Zach grinned. Drops of cum were dripping from semi-hard dick, landing on Justin’s pain-contorted face as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“I wish it was tighter”, Logan said. His face lit up. “Hey, try stomping on his nuts. I bet that’ll make his hole tighten up.”

“God, no!” Justin croaked. He struggled and writhed, his hands tied behind his back. “Please---“

Zach laughed. “You think it’ll work?” He spread Justin’s legs wider.

“Please”, Justin begged. “Please don’t---“

“I’m pretty sure about it”, Logan chuckled as he pounded Justin’s loose hole.

“No, please”, Justin groaned. “Don’t---“

“Okay”, Zach shrugged and brought his foot down hard between Justin’s thighs, flattening his bloated balls and making the singer yodel like a Swiss alpinist after reaching the summit of the Matterhorn.

“Fuck yeah”, Logan grunted as Justin’s hole tightened around his dick. He increased the force and the pace of his thrusts, reaming Justin’s poor hole as the singer screamed in agony.

Zach’s foot squashed Justin’s nuts again, making him let out a soprano wail that sent shivers down my spine.

“Fucking fantastic”, Logan moaned, pounding Justin’s hole like there was no tomorrow.

Zach laughed and stomped Justin’s nuts again and again and again, squishing the superstar’s swollen spuds as Logan fucked his ass.

“Oh god, this is good!” Logan groaned, grabbing Justin’s bruised ballsack, his finger forming a ring around the base of Justin’s sack, trapping his bloated balls before smashing down his fist. “This is fucking awesome!” His knuckles collided with the tender flesh of Justin’s testicles, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting a high-pitched wail from the handsome singer’s mouth.

Zach looked down at Justin’s pain-contorted face.

His mouth was wide open, his eyes clenched shut, as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Never liked your singing”, Zach mumbled, kneeling down and stuffing his fat cock into the singer’s mouth, gagging him and turning his screams into muffled grunts. “That’s better…”

Logan continued punching Justin’s nuts while fucking his ass.

“Enjoying yourself?” Zach chuckled, his dick lodged deep inside Justin’s throat. He started fucking Justin’s throat while holding on to his ankles.

“Fuck yeah”, Logan laughed, pounding Justin’s hole while throwing punch after nut-crunching punch at his bloated balls. “And it looks like our little superstar sex toy is having a great time, too…”

The singer’s bruised and battered cock had sprung to life, probably due to the continuing massage of his prostate by Logan’s big cock.

Stuffed to capacity at both ends, Justin let out grunts and groans, whimpers and moans, as his throat was fucked by Zach and his hole was pounded by Logan who continued punching his balls with his fist.

They came at the same time.

Justin’s groans turned to a gurgling cough as Zach unloaded the contents of his balls deep inside Justin’s throat.

Meanwhile, Logan released his load inside Justin’s ass.

Cum ran out Justin’s mouth and his hole as he was flooded from both sides. It was a violent tsunami of cum filling him to overflowing.

Ironically, Justin’s own cock just spat out a measly little blotch of sperm that landed on his muscular, sweaty abs.

Logan and Zach looked at each other, chuckling as they high-fived.

They pulled their cocks out of Justin simultaneously, releasing floods of cum from his hole and his mouth as Justin coughed and groaned and gasped for breath.

“You’re a good little slut”, Zach grinned, slapping Justin’s face. “You should think about changing your job. Sluts like you are in high demand…”

Justin’s face was a mask of pain. Cum was running out of his gaping ass hole and his face was smeared with his own spit and Zach’s salty spunk.

As if on cue, the ring of a bell signaled the end of the session.

“Good work”, I grinned as Logan and Zach walked past me.

I stayed and watched one of the bored looking assistants interview Justin for tonight’s broadcast.

They didn’t bother freeing Justin from his handcuffs or giving him a bathrobe or something. He was lying on the ground, gasping and groaning, bare-naked and covered in cum, trying to come up with coherent answers for the show.

“Who’s your favorite?” the assistant asked, scratching his head.

“What do you mean?” Justin croaked, Zach’s cum running down his neck.

The assistant stared at him as if he was stupid. “The viewers will decide who’ll do the final show. So who is your favorite?”

Justin coughed. “I think those three guys on the first day were pretty good. They messed up my nuts pretty bad…“

The assistant nodded. “So your money is on Kev, Ben and Colin. Okay, so---“

“But the second day was intense, too”, Justin interrupted him, shuddering as he remembered the pain.

“You mean Cal and Brandon?” the assistant asked.

“Yeah, the vise…” Justin gulped. “And the humbler…”

“Worse than the first day?” the assistant asked.

Justin stared at him. “I don’t know.”

“So Cal and Brandon are your favorites?” the assistant said slowly as if talking to a child.

“What happened on the third day?” Justin asked, a blank expression on his cum-covered face.

“You were milked by three skaters”, the assistant said, looking at his watch.

“Oh, yeah, that.” Justin gulped. “That was…” His voice trailed off.

“Painful”, the assistant said. “Yeah, I get it. So you’re rooting for Sammy, Tristan and Leo?”

“Or those malicious twins”, Justin whispered. “They invited everybody on set to fuck my throat.”

“Yeah”, the assistant chuckled. “I dumped a couple of loads in your mouth…”

Justin grimaced. “And today…” He swallowed hard, shuddering.

“Okay, I get it”, the assistant sighed. “No front-runner. We could have gotten there sooner, you know?” He turned to the cameraman. “Get a nice close-up of his gaping ass hole. They want to do something funny for the end credits.”

Now it’s up to you: A reader poll will determine who will get another go at Justin Bieber’s balls on the final day of “7 days of pain”.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

7 days of pain: Day 5 (Danny and Simon)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

If you want to read another story feat. Justin Bieber and you don’t mind brutal violence and permanent damage, you might want to check out “Rage and Revenge”.

Previous parts:
Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)
Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)
Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)
Day 4 (the twins)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Danny and Simon (click for pictures)

“Have you seen yesterday’s episode?” Simon asked, his raging erection creating a very conspicuous bulge in his dark blue dress pants.

As always, Simon was dressed immaculately. He was 23 years old but he looked younger. He had a boyish face and a neat haircut, and he was wearing a sleeveless blue sweater over his pristine white shirt, making it look like he was wearing a school uniform. He adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses that gave his face a decidedly geeky touch.

At first glance Simon looked like a generic nerd, a boring guy with no appeal whatsoever. If you delved deeper, though, Simon was full of naughty surprises. Before he had joined our team Simon had worked in porn, specializing in gay bukkake scenes. He was quite proud of his reputation as a ready-to-use cum dump, and one of his most popular films was a kinky little feature called “Simon’s five-course dinner” that had him take the loads of five dozen men in a crowded restaurant culminating in a messy creampie-and-eggplant dessert.

“Of course I have”, Danny grinned.

The 21 year old was dressed more casual than Simon. He was wearing blue jeans and a plain green t-shirt. He ran his hand through his short reddish-blond hair, smiling brightly.

Danny was an actor. Unlike Simon, Danny usually wasn’t top-billed. And unlike Simon, Danny appeared in non-adult films – though the line was blurred sometimes… His most recent roles had included a witless cadet in “Nudist Academy 3”, the son of a nun in “Nuns With Guns IV: Nuns’ Sons Like Guns, Too”, and a dead hitchhiker in “Dead Hitchhikers 5”.

“That was pretty hot, wasn’t it?” Simon grinned, adjusting his crotch. “I mean, watching Justin Bieber suck his own dick…” He licked his lips with a cheeky grin.

We were on the set of “7 days of pain”, a popular reality game show that indulged in the cruel, painful and very entertaining punishment of its contestants. This week they had a celebrity guest: world famous singer and infamous asshole Justin Bieber.

My models had spent the past four days torturing his meaty dick and fat, juicy balls, causing the ratings to go through the roof.

Today it was Simon’s and Danny’s turn to try and end the superstar’s family line and protect the world from any potentially nerve-racking Bieber Juniors…

I chuckled. “You’ll have trouble topping the twins’ performance…”

Simon and Danny laughed.

“We’ll find a way”, Danny chuckled.

A little while later, Justin Bieber entered the studio.

I barely noticed his entrance. His transformation was truly bewildering. The show’s demanding schedule was obviously getting to him. On the first day, he had arrived with great fanfare, surrounded by his entourage, bragging and boasting about his “balls of steel”. On the second and third day, with his entourage gone, he remained confident and arrogant, even though his nuts had taken quite a bit of abuse. Yesterday, he had been slightly more humble but still defiant.

Today he looked like any other contestant on the show: frightened and in pain, his handsome face pale, his much abused genitalia bruised, bloated, swollen and as red as a lobster.

He was standing in the middle of the TV studio, ignored by the camera crew, looking vulnerable and lost.

When Simon and Danny introduced themselves to him, they got a glimpse of the Justin Bieber that they knew from TV: smug, arrogant and obnoxious. And yet his cocky attitude seemed hollow. It was as if he didn’t believe himself when he talked about his “balls of steel”.

“Good luck breaking them”, he said with a weak grin. “Many have tried, but they’re still here. And in pristine condition!” He grabbed himself and let out an anguished yelp when his fingers touched his battered balls.

Danny and Simon laughed.

A couple minutes later, the cameras were rolling and Danny and Simon went right down to business.

“You know, I really like your music”, Danny said, smiling at the singer. “It’s a shame that you’re such a jerk.” With that, he brought his knee up between Justin’s thighs, smashing the naked star’s swollen spuds s into his body and eliciting a high-pitched wail.

Simon burst out laughing. “Well, I agree with Danny”, he said cheerfully. “Your music is kinda nice – but you are just an asshole.” He grabbed Justin’s nuts, wrapping his fingers around his sack. “And assholes need to be punished”, he whispered into Justin’s ear as he squeezed his balls hard.

Justin’s handsome face contorted in pain as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Yesterday, you got a taste of your own cum”, Simon grinned. “Today we’ll see how our loads compare.” He twisted Justin’s nuts, making him yodel in pain. “Think of it as a cum degustation. I bet you’ll enjoy it.”

Justin was panting and moaning as his balls, badly battered after four days of testicular abuse, were mercilessly manhandled by Simon while Danny was setting up a leather sling in the middle of the set.

Together, Danny and Simon tied the singer up so that he was lying on his back, his legs spread apart and tied to the chains that connected the sling with the ceiling. His wrists were cuffed to his ankles, making his mouth and his ass readily available. His limp, bruised dick was resting on his muscular abs, his bloated balls sitting between his legs like a pair of big, red balloons waiting to be popped.

“Come on”, the singer pleaded. “You can’t do this to me.”

“Oh yes, we can”, Danny said cheerfully, smacking Justin’s exposed balls with the palm of his hand.

Justin let out an anguished wail.

“And we will”, Simon added with a grin, unzipping his pants and whipping out his fat, hard cock.

Justin’s eyes widened. “No, please”, he groaned. “Please don’t---“

“Open wide, baby”, Simon grinned as he jerked his cock, aiming the dripping tip at Justin’s luscious lips.

“Fuck you”, Justin grunted before pressing his lips tightly together, his eyes fixed on Simon’s throbbing cock.

Danny chuckled. “Oh, Justin”, he sighed in a mocking tone of voice. He was positioned at the singer’s rear end, looking down at his swollen balls. “Oh, Justin”, he repeated, sounding like a father disappointed in his stubborn son.

Simon was beating his impressive meat as Danny wrapped his fingers around the neck of Justin’s ballsack, making his swollen balls rest on his palm.

Justin let out a grunt as Danny squished his testicular cords between his thumb and index finger.

“Look at those nuts”, Danny grinned, playfully slapping Justin’s balls a couple of times, making them bounce in their sack. “That’s gonna be a big batch of peanut butter.” He chuckled, pressing his thumb into the meaty core of Justin’s left nut.

Justin  grunted through his gritted teeth.

Simon laughed. “A huge batch”, he said, spitting into his hand and feverishly jerking his throbbing cock. “And it will be even better with a nice cream topping…”

Danny chuckled and balled his fist before playfully squashing Justin’s testicles against his palm with his knuckles.

Justin let out an anguished yelp.

“I’m getting close”, Simon moaned as he massaged his dick. The fat mushroom head was pulsing and his balls pulled up in his sack.

“Alright, let’s give Justin a nice helping of your sweet cream”, Danny grinned, raising his fist. “Open Sesame!” With that, he brought his fist down hard on Justin’s nuts.

The famous singer’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream, just in time for the first jet of Simon’s creamy spunk to hit its target.

Simon’s body was shaking as his big, meaty dick pumped the contents of his plump babymakers into Justin’s gullet while Danny was punching Justin’s nuts as if he was trying to crush them for good.

Justin was gurgling, retching and coughing, spit and cum flying from his mouth as spurt after spurt of Simon’s gooey jizz splattered onto his face and into his mouth, plastering his eyes shut and covering his famous face in a thick layer of salty spunk.

“Oh my god”, Simon moaned, shaking his dick, sending little drops of cum flying onto Justin’s face.

The handsome singer was screaming from the top of his lungs, his face dripping with Simon’s cum.

“That was delicious, wasn’t it?” Danny laughed, walking over to Simon and looking down at Justin’s pain contorted face. “Now let’s see how my cream compares to his.”

Justin let out a miserable groan.

Danny looked at Simon and grinned as he dropped his pants and started jerking his cock. “Your turn to work the door.”

Simon chuckled. He stuffed his softening dick back into his pants and walked around Justin’s tied-up body. Cracking his knuckles, he looked down at Justin’s sore nuts, before grabbing one ball in each hand, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of the superstar’s tender testicles.

Justin’s red, burning eyes crossed as he let out a high-pitched squeal, prompting Danny to sink his dick into Justin’s mouth, burying it to the hilt between Justin’s lips.

The tortured singer’s soprano squeal turned into muffled gurgling as Danny’s dick tickles his tonsils.

“Fuck yeah”, Danny moaned as he started face-fucking the world-famous singer.

Danny was holding Justin’s head in place, his low-hanging nuts slapping against Justin’s cum-covered face.

Justin’s neck was bulging obscenely whenever Danny’s dick was all the way down his throat.

“Fuck yeah”, Danny repeated, using Justin’s mouth like a sex toy, ramming his fat, throbbing dong in before pulling all the way out, only to thrust it back in again.

In the meantime, Simon was working over Justin’s nuts, pulling them apart from each other, twisting them and squeezing them, pressing his thumb into the tender flesh and crushing them flat with his strong hands.

Danny announced his orgasm by speeding up the pace of his face-fucking.

Justin was grunting and gurgling, gagging and groaning, as Danny’s fat member widened his throat and made every attempt to rearrange his tonsils.

“Oh my god”, Danny moaned, wrapping his hands around Justin’s neck, jerking himself off with the help of Justin’s throat.

Simon looked like he was trying to tie Justin’s nutsack into an artful and well thought out knot, twisting his tender testicles and making the bloated bits take on a rather quaint shade of purple.

With a deep, guttural moan, Danny came deep Justin, flooding him with his seed as he kept his dick pushed deep down his throat, his busy balls dancing in front of Justin’s pain-contorted face.

“Holy fuck!” Danny moaned, pulling his dick out of Justin’s mouth.

Justin gasped for breath, drool and cum flooding out of his mouth, running into his nose and over his eyes.

“I bet that’s good for your voice”, Danny joked, his spent cock dripping with Justin’s spit.

Justin coughed.

“We have another ten minutes left”, Danny said, wiping his sweaty brow.

“Why don’t we give Justin a few more loads”, Simon grinned, playfully smacking Justin’s bruised and bloated ballsack. “After all, this is a cum degustation…”

“Yeah”, Danny grinned, turning to the camera-crew. “Come on, everybody, I bet you’ve always wanted to ream that famous throat.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as a cheer went through the room. One by one, more than a dozen cameramen, lightings technicians, soundmen and assistants took their turns fucking Justin Bieber’s face.

Dicks of all shapes and sizes found their way between Justin’s rapidly roughening lips and down his remarkably robust throat.

Danny and Simon continued abusing Justin’s balls, hellbent on turning his juicy bieberplums to jelly.

“Look at this”, Simon laughed as he spotted a vaccuum pump on one of the candy-colored shelves on the set.

“Ooooh, that’s gonna hurt”, Danny mused, helping Simon stuff Justin’s nuts into the opening.

At Justin Bieber’s throat, a muscular black guy took over from a pot-bellied man in his fifties.

Justin’s screams of protest were muffled instantly when the fat, thick schlong invaded his mouth.

Danny and Simon started pumping, making Justin’s already ridiculously bloated balls swell up even more.

The black guy unloaded deep inside Justin’s mouth before handing over Justin’s throat to a baby-faced twenty-something with a long and slender piece of meat.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Quick, quick!”

There was a commotion as a bulky redhead pushed his way to the top of the line, arriving just in time to shower Justin’s face in cum.

Justin’s balls were filling up the vacuum pump, much to the amusement of Danny and Simon.

“How are we gonna get that damn thing off again?” Simon chuckled.

“With raw force I guess”, Danny grinned.

The baby-faced twenty-something pulled his dick out of Justin’s mouth. “Someone hold his eyes open”, he grunted with a mean grin before distributing his load evenly into both of Justin’s eyes.

Next up was a rough looking man in his thirties. He slapped Justin’s face a couple of times. “Take that fucking cock, bitch”, he grumbled, all but dislocating Justin’s jaw with his thick beer can cock.

“Come on”, Danny grunted, pulling on the vacuum pump with Simon.

With a loud PLOMP! The pump came off, freeing Justin’s hugely swollen nuts.

“Now that’s what I call a pair of nuts”, Simon laughed, playfully punching Justin’s bloated balls.

The beer can cock made Justin gag and retch before it flooded Justin’s mouth. It was replaced by a thinner but longer piece that belonged to a bespectacled teen who fucked Justin’s mouth hard and fast.

The sound of a bell marked the end of the session.

There were groans of disappointment by those who hadn’t had a chance to sink their dicks into Justin’s mouth.

Danny and Simon each gave the superstar’s nuts a farewell punch before walking over to me.

“That was pretty amazing”, I said.

Danny opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by the producer’s voice over the PA.

“After talking to Mr. Bieber’s management we’re happy to announce that everybody can have their turn even though we’re not filming anymore”, the producer said to wild cheers of the camera crew. “Enjoy yourselves, guys, you earned it!”

I couldn’t see Justin’s face due to the crowd of people waiting to fuck his throat, but I heard his muffled screams of protest.

“I think I’m gonna have another turn”, Danny grinned, adjusting his crotch.

“Yeah, me too”, Simon chimed in.

I chuckled. Justin’s throat was going to stay busy for at least another hour or two…

Tomorrow: The sixth day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring Logan and Zach and a huge challenge for a certain superstar’s virgin hole.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

7 days of pain: Day 4 (the twins)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

If you want to read another story feat. Justin Bieber and you don’t mind brutal violence and permanent damage, you might want to check out “Rage and Revenge”.

Previous parts:
Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)
Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)
Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

“Have you seen yesterday’s episode?” Michael asked me, his facial expression a mix of disgust and fascination.

I shook my head. “No, I haven’t. Actually, I haven’t seen anything, yet.”

“It was brutal”, Will chuckled, putting his arm around his twin brother’s shoulder.

Michael and Will were 22 years old, two handsome blond hunks with muscular bodies and attractive faces. Their blond hair was cut in matching short haircuts, and they were wearing matching clothes: sneakers, white khakis and sleeveless blue shirts that showed off their tanned, muscular arms.

They were working as professional gymnasts – but today they were here to inflict pain on one of the most famous singers in the world.

Justin Bieber was the star of the celebrity edition of “7 days of pain”, an insanely popular and critically acclaimed daily TV show that reveled in torturing their contestants in every way imaginable over the course of a week. At the end of the week, the viewers voted for their favorite episode, allowing the winning team of torturers to come back and have another go.

“I know”, I said with a chuckle. “I was here when they filmed it.”

“They did a pretty great job with the editing”, Will said. “Made Bieber look pathetic and wimpy.” He grinned. “It was really funny.”

Michael smiled. “You should watch the show, you really should!”

I chuckled. “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Justin Bieber was already waiting for us.

He seemed a little taciturn today. No shouting and screaming, no bragging and boasting, no bullying the camera crew, belittling the guys who were about to bash his balls. Instead, he was just staring at his junk.

Apparently yesterday’s session of edging and electro play had taken its toll on the superstar singer’s genitalia.

Due to yesterday’s wax treatment, there was not a single pubic hair on display. His hairless crotch was a stark contrast to his manly, muscular upper body that was covered in tattoos.

His meaty dick was red and sore, covered in bruises, dangling limply between his thighs. The mushroom head looked ghastly, dotted with little dark marks, reminiscent of yesterday’s painful encounter with the cattle prod.

His balls were almost ridiculously swollen, his hairless nutsack black and blue, stretched to its limit by the two heavy, bloated gonads that drew it down.

When the twins approached him, Justin looked up. There was a glimmer of panic in his eyes as he stared at Will and Michael.

“Don’t worry, your vision is okay”, Will chuckled.

“We’re twins”, Michael added.

Will winked at Justin and looked at his crotch, tentatively grabbing Justin’s dick by the head and lifting it up to get a good view at his swollen nuggets.

Justin inhaled sharply.

“So these are…” Will paused. “What do you call them?”

Justin cleared his throat. “Balls of steel”, he said, trying to sound confident.

Will looked at his brother, and they both burst out laughing.

Justin’s eyes narrowed. “What?”

Will grinned at him. Without a word, he brought his knee up between Justin’s legs, smashing the singer’s nuts into his body and making him groan in pain.

Michael chuckled. “Easy, Will. We’re not even filming yet…”

Justin doubled over, moaning miserably.

After the producer had instructed Will and Michael about the rules of the session, the cameras started rolling.

It was a wild and painful session, and the twins put their gymnastic skills to good use as they crushed Justin’s nuts and coaxed a big, fat load out of his tortured babymakers.

That night, I turned on the TV and watched the show.

The theme music played, and as the title flashed across the screen. Apparently, the opening credits were altered for the celebrity edition, showing black and white pictures of Justin Bieber striking all kinds of poses. In every picture, two cartoonish candy-colored balls were superimposed on Justin’s crotch, only to burst and pop and deflate in hilarious ways, followed by close-up pictures of Justin’s comically pain-contorted face.

After the credits, we jumped right into the action.

A buoyant male voice provided the commentary.

Welcome to 7 days of pain – celebrity edition! It’s the fourth day of pain for poor Justin Bieber. Oh, Justin, what have you gotten yourself into?
Bits of footage from the previous days flashed over the screen, showing Justin getting his nuts kicked and punched and squeezed and electrocuted. The final shot of the montage was Justin’s cum-covered face as he hung upside down from the ceiling.

What a mess! But Justin is in for a surprise – today it’s going to get even messier. Today our silly songbird will face The Payne Twins! Will they make him sing soprano? Will they ruffle his feathers? Who knows, maybe he’ll be a nutless nightingale when they’re through with him!
A short segment introduced Will and Michael as successful gymnasts and circus artists. The camera lingered on their muscular bodies, their big bulges and their handsome faces as they showed off their skills. At the end of the segment, Will and Michael showcased their ball-kicking abilities on a dummy before they turned to the camera, smiling brightly.

“Watch out, Justin”, Michael grinned.

“We’re going to do to you what you did to music!” Will laughed.

Uh-oh. That can’t be good for our talentless troubadour. After the break: The Payne Twins show Justin Bieber how to do the twist…
When the show returned, it got right down to business.

Welcome back to “7 days of pain”. Justin Bieber is ready to meet the Payne Twins. Justin, you got anything to say?
“I’m Justin fucking Bieber”, the superstar smiled into the camera. “Nothing can break me.”

Nothing, Justin?

“I got balls of steel!” Justin said confidently, grabbing his bruised, swollen nuts and shaking them at the camera.

The camera zoomed in on Justin’s battered genitalia, accompanied by a cartoonish fanfare.

Balls of steel. Yeah, sure.

The scene switched to the candy-colored torture chamber.

Justin was standing between Michael and Will who looked very excited.

Will started things off with a hard backhand smack to Justin’s sack that made him double over and slump to the floor, grunting in pain.

Looks like our troubled tenor’s definition of “steel” is just as inapprorpiate as his definition of “music”.
Justin was kneeling on the ground, covering his bruised and battered genitalia.

Will grabbed Justin’s hair and yanked him up to his feet, a huge grin on his face.

Justin screamed. “Hey, let go of my---“

Michael silenced him with a hard snapkick to the groin that rammed the superstar’s fat, swollen spuds into his body, flattening them like pancakes.

Justin let out a throaty caw, his eyes as big as saucers.

“Shut up”, Will said cheerfully as Justin doubled over in pain.

That’s something we all wanted to say to him, right? Just shut up, Justin!

Will’s hand sneaked between Justin’s thighs from behind, his fingers wrapping around Justin’s precious jewels.

“Oh god”, Justin croaked as his nuts were squished by Will’s strong hand.

“Hey”, Michael grinned at his brother. “Do you think you can lift him up by his balls?”

Justin’s face was a mask of pain. “Wha---“

“Mikey, what a nasty idea”, Will chuckled, ignoring Justin’s frantic protests. “I love it!”

Yeah, we love it, too! The only one who doesn’t is Justin, the party pooper!

The camera zoomed in on Justin’s pain-contorted face as Will tightened his grip around the singer’s love apples, yanking his hand up sharply, pulling his nuts up, all but flossing his ass with his nutsack.

Justin let out a strangled squeal. He was on his toes, his body neatly folded, his hands trying to reach around his ass to grab Will’s wrists and stop the pain.

Oooooooh. That’s gotta hurt!

Michael burst out laughing. “Come on, let me help you”, he grinned.

Aww, isn’t it nice to see two brother helping each other?

Michael stood next to his brother and wrapped his hands around Justin’s nutsack.

Justin let out an unintelligible squeal that sounded faintly like the falsetto chorus of one of his songs, as the two brothers lifted him off the ground by his nuts.

I couldn’t help but think about a circus performance when Justin Bieber somersaulted mid-air, screaming from the top of his lungs.

It was only due to the twin’s strength and the surprising resilience of his testicular cords that prevented Justin from hitting his head on the ground as he was hanging upside down, his body weight held only by his bruised and bloated balls.

His red and throbbing bieberspuds were bulging between the twins’ fingers as he yodeled in pain like a gifted peasant girl at Count Nuttenstein’s festival of silly songs.

Michael and Will were laughing their asses off.

Isn’t that amazing? Justin should take these guys on his next tour!

“Oh, oh, oh”, Will suddenly said, his face lighting up with joy. “I know another trick!”

Another trick? That doesn’t bode well for our demolished diva’s precious plums!

With his leg, Will nudged Justin’s shoulder, making his body rotate around his own axis as the twins held on to his nuts, causing his nutsack to twist painfully.

Justin was flailing about, shrieking and squealing and screaming in agony.

“That’s fucking awesome!” Michael cheered.

Slowly, Justin’s body came to a stop before rotating into the other direction, making the twins roar with laughter.

Oh, the twist! Let’s see that again!

The producers repeated Justin’s painful rotation again and again, slowed down and sped up, to the tune of Chubby Checker’s “Let’s twist again!”

That was fun, wasn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to do that to our kooky crooner-in-chief? When we return after the break we’ll answer the question that millions and millions of fans have been asking for years: What’s the difference between a frosted pretzel and Justin Bieber?
I chuckled. They were doing a pretty great job with the editing, adding an entirely new layer of humiliation and degradation to Justin Bieber’s ordeal.

If he wasn’t such an arrogant asshole you could almost feel sorry for him…

After the break, Michael held Justin Bieber upside down, his legs wide apart.

“Elbow drop”, Will announced casually before Will fell to his knees, ramming his elbow into Justin’s crotch and flattening his swollen nuts against his body, making the singer scream from the top of his lungs.

Ouch. His future kids will feel that.

“Do it again!” Michael laughed.

Another elbow drop elicited a high-pitched wail from Justin.

Wait a moment – future kids?

Will grinned and balled his fist, slamming it down on Justin’s nuts like a hammer.

The camera zoomed into a close up of Justin’s bruised and bloated balls getting flattened like two meaty pancakes.

Justin wailed in agony.

Well, there’s always adoption…

Michael and Will high-fived, laughing as Justin was groaning and moaning in pain.

As you know, the Payne Twins are gymnasts. And now they are going to show our bad-mannered man-child a couple of moves that he won’t forget for the rest of his life!
With unconcealed glee, Michael and Will forced the singer’s legs down so that his knees were almost touching his shoulders.

Justin’s face was a mask of pain as his body was twisted into a rather unnatural position.

Finally, all that bodybuilding pays off! And you can always count on Little Justin to make a surprise appearance…
Michael casually jerked the singer’s cock until it was fully hard while his brother smacked Justin’s nuts with the palm of his hand.

Within seconds, Justin’s superstar cock was rock hard and its bulbous head disappeared between the hapless singer’s luscious lips as Justin let out a muffled scream of protest.

Now, let’s talk about frosted pretzels. Looks like we already have the structure. All that’s missing is the creamy frosting…

Justin’s eyes were wide open, his lips wrapped around his dick as he let out muffled grunts of protest.

What’s that, Justin? We can’t hear you. Speak up if you want to say something!

I chuckled at the voice-over narrator’s cheerful tone.

The twins were busy pounding Justin’s swollen nuts with their fists, squishing the tender orbs flat again and again and again.

And here comes the frosting…

Justin’s nuts contracted and his cheeks puffed as his mouth was filled with his salty semen.

The twins cheered and laughed, smacking and slapping and punching Justin’s busy balls as the singer’s throbbing dick pumped jet after jet of cum into his mouth.

Mmmmmhhh, that looks delicious. That’s gotta be better than what your private cooks whip up when you’re on tour…
Creamy spunk was running out the corners of Justin’s mouth and the singer choked on his cock, coughing out a flood of cum that coated his face in a sticky layer of jizz.

Oh, where are your table manners, Justin? Now you spilled your delicious sack sauce!

The twins got up, bro-hugging and high-fiving as Justin’s dick slipped out of his mouth, sending jets of jizz flying all over the place.

He curled up in a little ball, covered in spunk and moaning in pain.

That’s it for today’s edition of “7 days of pain”. Now, Justin, how did you like the twins?

In a short clip taped shortly after the twins had gone, Justin was facing the camera. His left eye was red and he was grimacing in pain. A gooey blob of spunk were hanging from his chin and his hair was wet and sweaty.

“They… they… It was different”, Justin croaked. “I mean, they tried to test my limits. But…” His voice trailed off.

Okay, we got that. How did you like the taste of your spunk?

Justin smiled defiantly. “It’s like a fine wine. Best taste ever.”

Is that what the girls tell you? Well, you seemed to enjoy it. Is it gonna be part of your daily diet from now on?
“Umm”, Justin grinned weakly, “I don’t think so.”

Tomorrow is another day of pain for you. Any thoughts?

The camera lingered on Justin’s face as he sat in silence, rubbing his eyes, a vacant look on his face.

Hey, Justin? Anybody home?

That was mean. I knew for sure that they hadn’t asked him that question on the set.

For the show, it worked perfectly. The singer looked dumb and defeated and spent.

Say something. Anything. Tell us about your balls of steel, man!

The singer ran his hand through his hair. Then he looked at his fingers that were wet with his sweat and cum.

He sniffed at it, looking disgusted and intrigued. Then he licked his fingers clean.

Ewww. We better leave Justin alone now… Tune in tomorrow for another day of pain for Justin Bieber. Will his balls last another day? Will he get another cream filling? Will we ever get tired of watching that dickish douchebag in pain? Find out in tomorrow’s episode of “7 days of pain”!

As the credits rolled, the show played slowed-down footage of Justin with his dick in his mouth, his cheeks puffed, as cum ran out the corners of his mouth, as Justin’s summer hit “Love yourself” played.

In the lower third of the screen, there was a twitter feed of real time feedback.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the tweets.

- Who s gonna be the father of my babies now :-(((((( #7dop

- Justin Bieber: My balls! My balls! Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #7dop #fail

- I don’t care about JB’s nuts. Get Nick Jonas on the show! #7dop #sexyguysrock
- Never liked Bieber. Gotta reconsider. #beinginpainsuitshim #bieberballs #7dop
- Disgusting and corrupt media promotes Jackass Justin instead of me! Sad!

I switched off the TV, looking forward to the two sessions that were still to come.

Tomorrow: The fifth day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring Danny and Simon and a lot of juicy action.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

7 days of pain: Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

If you want to read another story feat. Justin Bieber and you don’t mind brutal violence and permanent damage, you might want to check out “Rage and Revenge”.

Previous parts:
Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)
Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this Story: Leo, Sammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

“So we can do whatever you want?” Sammy asked, his voice filled with excitement.

“Whatever you want”, I said, “as long as it’s painful. That’s the concept of the show.”

Leo, Tristan and Sammy laughed. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on Justin Bieber’s famous cock and balls.

Leo was 19 years old, a lanky and lean skater, tall and handsome, with curly black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing baggy shorts, worn-out sneakers and an oversized black t-shirt.

Tristan was as old as Leo, sporting a full head of dusty blond hair. His blue eyes were sparkling with excitement. He was wearing grey cargo pants and a colorful, custom-made t-shirt that he had ordered for the occasion: a picture of Justin Bieber grabbing his crotch on stage with the caption “No Mercy For Bieber’s Balls”.

Sammy, a cheeky 18 old redhead, was as tall as Leo and Tristan, another lanky skater with freckles all over his face. His loose jeans were sitting very low on his hips, revealing almost his entire butt. His underwear was bright yellow with large green dots that matched the color of his t-shirt. Like Tristan and Leo, he was wearing sneakers.

“Do you know what you’re going to do to him?” I asked, smiling.

“You’ll see”, Leo grinned. “We don’t want to spoil it for you.”

I laughed. “Okay.”

“It’s going to be painful”, Tristan chuckled.

“Very painful”, Sammy chimed in with a laugh.

“That sounds great”, I chuckled.

It was the third day of Justin Bieber’s celebrity appearance on a TV show called “7 days of pain”. Each day’s session was broadcast that night. I hadn’t seen the two episodes we had filmed yet, but apparently they were a huge success, with incredible ratings and very favorable reviews. 87% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Not bad.

When the star entered the studio, I couldn’t help but think of rotten tomatoes. The previous sessions had left a mark.

The two fat balls that dangled between the naked singer’s legs were beet red and swollen, with vicious bruises covering his neatly shaven sack. His impressive dick was showing signs of wear and tear as well. The bulbous head was battered and bruised, and the meaty shaft was black and blue.

“I told you the ratings would go through the roof”, the handsome singer bragged as the cameramen ignored him, some of them rolling their eyes. “Believe it or not, I got a tweet from Nick fucking Jonas. He fucking loves me!”

When he spotted the three lanky skaters, Justin raised his eyebrows.

He let out a laugh.

“Hey, don’t tell me these clowns are going on for today”, he snorted. “You gotta be kidding me. These skinny losers? I bet they are going to break their fingers on my nuts.”

Leo, Tristan and Sammy chuckled.

“Don’t worry about us”, Sammy smiled.

“We know how to handle this”, Tristan grinned.

“When we’re done with you there’ll be nothing left of your pathetic balls”, Leo chimed in.

Justin laughed. He grabbed his nutsack and wiggled it. He wincing at the touch and quickly let go again. “Balls of steel”, he said confidently. “Balls of fucking steel.”

“You don’t say”, Leo chuckled.

“Yesterday I had two muscle studs trying to break my balls”, Justin said. “They failed miserably.”

That wasn’t how I remembered it. Cal and Brandon had done a quite a good job busting his balls and squishing a big load of cum out of them.

“And the day before that, three bodybuilders went up against my nuts”, Justin continued with a grin. “Guess who won? My fucking nuts did!”

Again, I resisted the urge to fact-check Justin’s ridiculous statements. I remembered the sound of Kev, Ben and Colin kicking and punching Justin’s testicles. He had been on the verge of tears.

“And today it’s our turn”, Sammy said.

“If your nuts are as tough as you say they are”, Tristan said with an innocent smile, “there’s nothing to fear, right?”

“You think I’m afraid of you?” Justin sneered.

They went back and forth for a while. Justin bragged about his indestructible genitalia, and the skaters had fun ragging him.

Finally we were ready to start filming.

The three skaters had Justin Bieber suspended from the ceiling, hanging upside down in a tight cocoon of plastic wrap, unable to move his limbs. He looked like a parcel ready for delivery.

Anybody else would have turned silence by now, but Justin just couldn’t shut his big mouth, bragging about his huge, indestructible nuts and teasing the lanky skaters about their apparent lack of strength.

The set was a candy-colored torture chamber with all kinds of useful instruments and mean devices designed to inflict pain and entertain the viewers at home.

As soon as the cameras were rolling, Leo grabbed a scalpel.

Justin’s eyes widened.

“Don’t move”, Leo grinned, stabbing the sharp blade into the wrap right at Justin’s crotch, “or you’ll have sliced nuts for dinner.”

“Ooooh, sliced nuts”, Sammy clapped his hands. “Are those like onion rings?”

Leo grinned. “Yeah, but if we take Justin’s here they’ll probably be tasteless…”

The skaters roared with laughter.

Ignoring the frantic protest of the upside down superstar, Leo cut a hole into the plastic wrap and grabbed his impressive cock, jerking it a couple of times.

“Nice cock”, Leo grinned, massaging the meaty shaft while playfully smacking Justin’s colorful plums with the palm of his hand, making them bounce happily as the singer yelped in pain.

“It’s smoking hot”, Sammy quipped, grabbing two candles and pouring their hot wax over Justin’s nuts, coating his swollen nuts and his bruised cock with it.

Justin screamed from the top of his lungs as the three skaters were laughing their asses off.

“Maybe we should cool him down”, Tristan grinned, picking up a pitcher of ice water before pouring its contents over Justin’s precious valuables, eliciting a high-pitched wail from the superstar singer.

Leo laughed and grabbed Justin’s dick, twisting it viciously.

The loud CRACK of the wax breaking made Justin gasp in horror.

“Don’t worry”, Leo grinned. “I didn’t break your dick.”

“Yet”, Tristan added, eliciting another round of laughter.

Leo ran his finger up and down Justin’s tortured dick, causing it to grow harder and harder. His nuts were coated in wax, and Leo had an efficient way of getting rid of it: He balled his fist and punched Justin’s balls as hard as he could.

Suspended from the ceiling, Justin’s body swang back and forth as the singer screamed in agony.

A couple of punches later, all the wax was gone, and so was every last bit of pubic hair on Justin’s genitals. His dick and balls were an angry shade of red.

“How are you?” Tristan leaned over and smiled at Justin.

The superstar’s upside down face was as red as his freshly waxed beanbag.

“That was just the beginning”, Leo grinned. “Now comes the fun part.”

He started jerking Justin’s dick as Tristan and Sammy stood by, holding a cattle prod and an electric fly swatter respectively.

“Oh yeah”, Leo cooed as Justin’s dick fattened and hardened. “You got a great dick!”

Justin let out a soft moan that seemed to be equal parts pain and pleasure.

“What a nice, hard cock”, Leo whispered.

Justin closed his eyes.

I could only imagine what was going through his head. He knew very well that Leo was setting him up, and yet he seemed to enjoy getting his dick jerked.

“I bet the ladies love it”, Leo continued, spitting into his palms and jerking Justin’s throbbing cock with both of his hands. “I bet they can’t get enough of that beautiful monster of a dick…”

Leo took a step to the side and winked at Tristan.

Tristan poked the head of Justin’s cock with the cattle prod and pushed the button, sending a jolt of electricity through the tip of Justin’s dick.

Justin let out an ear-piercing scream as the skater laughed and cheered.

“Oooh”, Leo cooed in mock-sympathy. “That’s gotta hurt.” He started jerking Justin’s dick again. “Here, this’ll make you feel better.”

Leo massages Justin’s fat, meaty cock like a pro, and it throbbed with excitement.

“See?” Leo said softly. “The pain is all gone now, right?”

Again, he took a step to the side. This time he gave Sammy a nod.

Sammy stepped up to the plate, an impish grin on his freckled face. With a wet smack, he brought the electric fly swatter down on Justin’s nuts, zapping the fragile orbs and making Justin’s body jolt with pain as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Sammy giggled and smacked Justin’s nuts again and again, making Justin’s body jump with every electric shock to his nuts.

“Poor Justin”, Leo said soothingly as Tristan and Sammy were convulsing with laughter. He ran his fingers over the singer’s balls, caressing them gently. “Your poor, poor ballsies must hurt so bad.”

Leo jerked Justin’s dick with one hand while fondling his swollen baby makers with the other.

Justin’s dick was throbbing and leaking precum that ran down his wrapped body.

His breathing quickened and Leo noticed his balls pulling up inside his sack.

“Quickly”, he said to Tristan.

Tristan didn’t have to be told twice. He pushed the cattle prod against the fat shaft of Justin’s dick and sent a series of electric shocks to the throbbing sausage.

Justin’s eyes watered and he let out a gurgling roar as his imminent orgasm was violently aborted.

When Leo was sure that the singer’s climax was successfully thwarted, he continued jerking his dick, bringing him close to orgasm before letting Sammy step in and ruin it by shocking Justin’s contracting balls.

I couldn’t help but cringe in sympathy as the three skaters played with the famous singer, bringing him close to the edge more than a dozen times – and each time foiling his release by frying his fat cock or his juicy meatballs.

I looked at my watch. One more minute before the running time of the show was up.

Justin was panting and moaning, grunting and groaning, torn between pleasure and pain, his throbbing cock aching to cum, his swollen, bruised testicles filled with his pent-up juice.

Apparently, Leo was aware that time was running out. He continued stroking Justin’s tortured dick when the first signs of his orgasm appeared.

“Fuck yeah”, he whispered. “Blow a nice fucking load for me, stud!”

Justin was panting heavily, his eyes clenched shut, his face the color of a ripe tomato.

“That’s it”, Leo smiled as a thick jet of salty cream sputtered out of Justin’s dick, landing on Justin’s chin with a wet splat.

Leo took a step back and smiled at his friends. “Now finish him.”

Tristan and Sammy laughed.

With Justin’s orgasm in full throttle, they attacked his busy balls and his pumping dick with the cattle prod and the electric fly swatter.

Justin’s voice turned into a strangled yodel as the pleasure of his orgasm was mixed with incredible pain.

Sparks were flying from his spasming cock and his contracting nuts as spurt after spurt of spunky semen rained down on him, covering his pain-contorted face with a thick layer of gooey jizz.

His stud sauce ran into his nostrils, filling them to the brim and making the singer snort and cough. It covered his eyes and ran into his hair, making him look like the upside down target of a bukkake party.

The sound of a bell marked the end of the session, and the skaters looked at each other, grinning happily as Justin was grunting and groaning, his face coated in cum.

Sammy grinned cheekily as he poked his cattle prod into the tender, drained biebernads, giving them a parting shock that made Justin’s body convulse in pain.

“Good work”, I grinned.

“Thanks”, Leo said. “It was fun.”

“I always wanted a chance to fry that asshole’s balls”, Sammy said cheerfully.

“Yeah, shocking that cock was quite satisfying”, Tristan grinned, looking down at the growing wet patch at his crotch.

“Ewww”, Leo grimaced before smacking Tristan’s nuts hard. The back of his hand connected with Tristan’s spent balls, and a wet splat echoed through the room.

Tristan let out an anguished yelp. “Fuck you!” he yelled, doubling over and trying to punch Leo in the balls.

Leo turned and ran out into the parking lot, with Tristan giving chase and Sammy following them.

I heard them laugh and scream and cheer before the door closed behind them. I chuckled and turned to Justin Bieber who still hanging upside down, his cum drying on his face.

The bored assistant that I had seen yesterday was asking him questions and I couldn’t help but smile at the absurdity of the situation.

Here Justin Bieber was, minutes after having his dick and balls shocked for the entertainment of millions of viewers, telling people how awesome, how brave and how fearless he was.

“How painful was it?” the assistant asked in a bored voice, chewing on his gum.

Justin let out a strained laugh, the camera focused on his face. “Painful? That was nothing. Nothing can break me! I’m Justin fucking Bieber!” His pain-contorted face betrayed him, though. His eyes were red and sore, and cum was running out of his nose.

“Did you ever think about giving up?” the assistant continued.

“I don’t give up”, Justin croaked. “Never. That’s my motto: Never give up. Never ever.”

“How are your nuts?” the assistant asked as the cameraman shot a close up of the singer’s ridiculously swollen, spent nuggets and his limp, lobster-red cock.

“My balls are great”, Justin moaned. “Never been better.” He paused. “Well, they’re empty right now but---“

“Thank you”, the assistant said. “That’s enough.”

As soon as the camera was turned off, tears starting rolling down Justin’s face. “Please, let me down. Please!”

I grinned. We were only half-way through the week.

Tomorrow: The fourth day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring the twins and a quite literal interpretation of Bieber’s hit song “Love yourself”.

Monday, September 5, 2016

7 days of pain: Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

If you want to read another story feat. Justin Bieber and you don’t mind brutal violence and permanent damage, you might want to check out “Rage and Revenge”.

Previous part:
Day 1 (Kev, Colin and Ben)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Brandon and Cal (click for pictures)

After yesterday’s vicious ballbeating, I had expected Justin Bieber to be a bit more humble and meek than usual. After all, he was the star of the celebrity edition of “7 days of pain” – and he had six more days to go…

But when I entered the TV studio, I was greeted by a loud voice that couldn’t exactly be described as humble or meek.

Justin Bieber was standing in the middle of the studio, stark naked, barking orders. The cameramen seemed to ignore him, which made him yell even louder.

“I want to the fucking ratings!” he barked. “Right now. I’m Justin fucking Bieber for fuck’s sake!”

I turned to Cal and Brandon and grinned. “Meet Justin Bieber, sunshine incarnate.”

Cal chuckled. The 22 year old swimmer was wearing blue jeans, white trainers and a sleeveless yellow shirt that contrasted nicely with the black skin of his muscular arms. “What an asshole.”

His best friend Brandon grinned. He was 21 years old, a handsome Asian-American with short black hair and a swimmer’s body. He was wearing cargo pants, a plain white t-shirt and heavy brown boots. “Yeah, we’ll take him down a peg…”

In the background, Justin Bieber was working himself into a frenzy, shouting obscenities and demanding to speak to the producer, until one of the cameraman, a hairy bear of a man, turned to him and grumbled, “Shut up, pretty boy, we’re trying to work here.”

Justin opened his mouth to say something, but he was quickly silenced as the cameraman grabbed his shoulders and rammed his knee into Justin’s crotch, making him howl in pain.

Cal and Brandon chuckled as the rest of the crew erupted in cheers and applause.

Half an hour later, the producer had calmed the superstar down, and we were able to start filming the day’s session.

Cal and Brandon were standing in the middle of the set, a candy-colored torture chamber.

Justin looked at them, an arrogant smirk on his face. “Have your buddies told you anything?”

Brandon chuckled. “You got your nuts crushed pretty badly, huh?”

Justin scoffed. “Check your sources, man. I have balls of steel. They tried breaking them but I just laughed it off.”

I couldn’t suppress a laugh. I remembered his screams of agony very vividly. And the current state of Justin’s genitalia was proof that his memory was a bit sketchy, to say the least.

Cal and Brandon had the same thought.

Cal pointed at Justin’s crotch and grinned. “You mean those balls of steel?”

Justin’s nuts were black and blue and considerably swollen. His dick bore dark bruises on its head and all over its shaft.

Brandon laughed and grabbed the singer’s nuts. He gave them a playful squeeze. “They feel more like balls of tinfoil to me…”

Justin inhaled sharply, gritting his teeth to hide his pain. “You’ll see”, he grunted.

“Yeah”, Brandon chuckled, letting go of Justin’s nuts and giving them a playful slap.

Justin let out a suppressed yelp, causing Cal and Brandon to burst out laughing.

A couple of minutes later the cameras were rolling, and Cal and Brandon got ready to work over Justin’s bieberbag.

Cal and Brandon had picked a couple of things that they wanted to use, and I couldn’t help but notice that Cal seemed to be very familiar with the use of a humbler.

Brandon stared at the black piece of solid plastic and scratched his head. “A humbler? What do you do with it?”

Cal grinned. “See this hole? This is where his nuts go. You make him get down on all fours, pull his nuts back between his thighs and lock them in the humbler. That way he can’t get up and his balls are nice and exposed.”

Brandon chuckled. “Sounds great.” He turned to Justin. “Don’t you agree?”

Justin stared at the humbler with a blank expression on his face. “Piece of cake”, he mumbled.

Cal and Brandon laughed.

“Down”, Brandon said. “Now.”

Justin did as he was told. He was on all fours, his thighs spread slightly apart. His swollen balls were hanging very low in his sack, probably due to yesterday’s prolonged sack stretching while he was waiting for the crew to film his interview.

Cal reached between Justin’s thighs from behind, grabbed his bloated balls and pulled them back, digging his fingers into the tender flesh of the superstar’s gonads.

Justin gritted his teeth as Cal squeezed his tender testicles and closed the humbler around them.

I couldn’t help but grin. Justin’s nuts looked like a pair of ripe tomatoes attached to a board that he was wearing on his ass.

“Now move”, Brandon grinned.

Justin crawled around in a circle, grimacing with every move.

It was like watching a pony in a circus, except that this particular pony was in a lot of pain…

Cal and Brandon had the time of their lives, smacking Justin’s ass as he circled them, making sure to aim some of their slaps a little lower, smashing his trapped nuts.

Justin gritted his teeth, grunting in pain whenever the boys hit his gonads.

The humbler was restricting his moves: He couldn’t get up without stretching his nutsack to the limit.

Brandon winked at Cal before bringing his leg back and kicking Justin’s balls. The tip of his heavy boot hit both of Justin’s nuts dead on, smashing the two meaty orbs flat against the hard surface of the humbler.

Justin shrieked in agony, causing Cal and Brandon to roar with laughter.

After a couple more kicks that left Justin groaning and moaning in pain, Cal made him stop moving and sat on his back, facing his ass. He looked down at Justin’s trapped nuts and grinned.

“Look at those”, he chuckled, smacking Justin’s left nut with the palm of his hand before delivering a hard punch to Justin’s right nut. “Do you think we can squeeze a load out of them?”

Brandon got down on all fours and looked at Justin’s cock. The bruised piece of meat was dangling between his thighs, separated from its two best friends, looking sad and useless in its limp and floppy state. Brandon grabbed its head and yanked down hard, making Justin groan in pain. “I dunno. We can try.”

Cal chuckled and took Justin’s bloated right nut with both of his hands. “You take the left one”, he told Brandon. “Together we’ll make it.”

Brandon grinned and kneeled behind Justin, wrapping the fingers of both of his hands around Justin’s swollen left nut.

Justin let out a hoarse scream as they started compressing the tender flesh of his nuts, digging their fingertips into the meaty core.

“Oh god”, Justin shrieked, his face contorted in pain. “Oh god!”

Cal and Brandon looked at each other and laughed as they squished and squashed Justin’s balls with all the force they could muster, twisting the famous singer’s balls, yanking on them and squeezing them hard.

“Is it working yet?” Cal asked, panting with effort as he interlocked his fingers and flattened Justin’s right nut between his palms.

Justin was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Brandon glanced at Justin’s limp dick. “Not yet”, he said with a grin.

Cal changed his strategy, holding Justin’s nut with one hand and pressing his thumb of his other hand into the delicate flesh, causing Justin’s swollen balls to bulge around his thumb.

Brandon followed his friend’s lead, the flesh under his thumbnail turning white as he pushed his thumb into the center of Justin’s left testicle.

Justin yodeled in pain, his eyes watering as the tidal waves of pain washed through his body.

“Now?” Cal asked.

“Nothing”, Brandon said after having a look at Justin’s limp, drooping dick.

“Take over this nut for me please”, Cal said, getting up.

Brandon happily obliged, grabbing Justin’s ballsack and twisting it 360 degrees, eliciting a high-pitched wail of agony from the handsome singer.

Cal had spotted a pair of candy colored screw clamps that were lying in a corner of the set. He grabbed them and winked at Brandon. “If this doesn’t work I don’t know what does…”

“That’ll squish the cum out of his nards”, Brandon chuckled as he watched Cal attach one of the clamps to Justin’s left nut before trapping his right nut in the other one.

Justin’s nuts were swollen and bloated and the shape of hen’s eggs, and Brandon and Cal made sure that they were in an upright position, the clamps digging into the pointy ends of his nuggets.

I grimaced in sympathy as I watched Justin’s nuts compress with every turn of the screws.

Brandon and Cal were chuckling, cheerfully tightening the screws and causing Justin’s nuts to flatten rapidly.

Justin was panting and moaning, his face pale and covered in sweat, as Brandon and Cal closed the clamps tighter and tighter, making Justin’s nuts go flatter and flatter, and distorting their healthy egg shape into a decidedly cringe-inducing oval that looked just plain wrong to everybody who was faintly familiar with the male anatomy.

Justin’s moans developed into screams of agony when Brandon and Cal had flattened his nuts to half of their original diameter.

They took a break, admiring their handiwork as Justin was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Brandon leaned to the side and looked at his cock. “Great, it’s working”, he chuckled.

Indeed, Justin’s limp dick was semi-hard, a fat and chubby half-boner.

Beads of sweat were dropping from Justin’s face. His eyes were clenched shut, his mouth was wide open, filling the room with wails of agony.

Cal and Brandon looked at each other and grinned.

“Let’s finish this”, Cal chuckled.

They turned the screws once more at the same time, compressing Justin’s nuts even further.

A shrill squeak escaped Justin’s mouth as his dick grew harder.

Another turn of the screws.

Justin’s eyes opened wide and he roared in pain. His dick had reached its full hardness.

Another turn of the screws.

Justin’s eyes lost focus. He let out a gurgling scream. His dick twitched.

Another turn of the screws.

Justin’s balls were one third of their original diameter. His eyes were fully crossed. A squirt of precum sputtered out of his rock-hard cock.

Cal and Brandon looked at each other and grinned.

Yet another turn of the screws pushed the famous singer over the edge. He went silent all of a sudden. His eyes rolled back into his head, his lips trembling, drool running out the corner of his mouth. His body was shaking as a violent jet of cum shot out of his dick, hitting the ground with so much force that drops of his salty jizz ricocheted up, splattering his muscular upper body with his own juice.

Cal and Brandon burst out laughing, high-fiving and hugging as if they had just won the Ball Bash Olympics.

The first jet of cum was followed by a second one, then a third, a fourth and a fifth.

Justin had found his voice again. He was screaming from the top of his lungs as his cum was squashed out of his battered balls.

It took more than two dozen spurts until his violently induced orgasm petered out, leaving him drenched in sweat, a pool of cum below his body.

The sound of a bell signaled the end of the session, and Cal and Brandon got up and walked towards me.

“Just in time”, I chuckled. “That was pretty impressive.”

Brandon grinned. “Thanks.”

Cal turned around and looked at Justin Bieber who was still locked in the humbler, screaming from the top of his lungs.

“Maybe we should free him?” he grinned.

I shook my head. “I bet they want to do an interview with him for the broadcast.”

Cal and Brandon nodded, and we watched Justin crawl around, his face a mask of pain, looking for someone to help him.

He was ignored by the camera crew.

This time, unlike yesterday, we stayed to watch the interview.

It took more than an hour until one of the assistants approached Justin with a cameraman in tow.

The famous singer was still locked in the humbler, the clamps attached to his nuts.

The assistant looked like he was barely 18 years old. He was chewing gum, looking at his clip board, a bored expression on his young face. Since his voice was going to be cut out of the broadcast, he didn’t even try to pretend to be interested in Justin’s answers. He rattled through his questions, looking at his watch several times, as Justin answered his questions, his face contorted in pain, his bruised and bloated balls locked in the humbler and squished by the clamps, his spent cock dangling floppily between his legs.

It was quite a funny visual, the handsome superstar on all fours, grimacing in agony, answering questions into the camera, as the young assistant was leaning against a wall, rolling his eyes when one of Justin’s answers wound up a little long.

Finally, another hour later, they were done.

The cameraman and the assistant turned to go.

“Hey!” Justin groaned. “Who’s gonna free me from this fucking thing?” He tried to keep up with the assistant, crawling behind him, his clamped balls bouncing comically with every step, the clamps clacking against the humbler.

“No idea”, the assistant shrugged without looking back. “I’m off.”

The door closed behind the assistant and the cameraman, and Justin let out a frustrated grunt.

“We better hurry”, I mumbled, and we sneaked out of the studio, leaving the superstar singer behind.

Tomorrow: The third day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring Leo, Sammy and Tristan, and a good and thorough milking.