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Friday, December 9, 2016

BB Academy: Bashed abs and busted balls (Jerry and Ken meet Logan)

Special thanks to Jerry for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has been waiting for an ab bashing story to pop up on this blog forever!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Erik and Logan (click for pictures)

“It’s a very interesting question”, Erik said with a smile. “And we’re going to get to the bottom of this today.”

My 19 year old assistant looked at his clipboard and made a note. He was in charge of the project, and I knew he was very devoted to the cause. He had a serious expression on his cute face, and the white lab coat counterbalanced his boyish looks, giving him an aura of gravitas and sincerity.

A little while ago we had started cooperating with the renowned Institute of Testicular Agony (ITA), the leading capacity authority in the field of Male Studies. We conducted scientific studies and sophisticated trials for them, and we were very proud of our groundbreaking work.

“First of all”, Erik said, “let’s recapitulate our hypotheses.” He looked at the two young men who were standing in front of him.

Jerry and Ken were friends, two hot, handsome guys with trained bodies and well-defined muscles. They were boxers, and they had approached the ITA with an intriguing inquiry.

Jerry was lean and muscular, with brown hair and a winning smile. He was shirtless, showing off his muscular chest, wearing a pair of loose boxing shorts. It was pretty obvious that he was wearing no underwear, and his big dick and his large, low-hanging balls were outlined in the flimsy fabric.

His buddy Ken was a beefy guy. His black hair was cut short. Like his friend, Ken was wearing boxing shorts, and it was obvious that his equipment was just as impressive as Jerry’s. His balls were big and plump, and his long, thin dick created a very interesting contrast to his beefy body.

“Sure”, Jerry said with a grin. “I think punching balls is a more effective way to make someone cum than punching abs.”

Ken chuckled. “Yeah, well, and I think the opposite is true. It’s a lot easier to make a man lose his load by punching his abs really hard.”

“We’re really glad you decided to settle this”, Jerry smiled.

Erik smiled back at him. “Well, it is a very important question. Sperm banks all over the world are waiting for the answer to this question.”

Ken and Jerry laughed.

“I can’t believe you found someone to do this with us”, Ken chuckled.

“Well”, Erik smiled. “To be frank, our subject thinks he’s going to do the punching. But I’m sure he won’t mind being the punching bag. He’s---“

The door opened, and Logan entered the room.

“Speak of the devil”, Erik grinned before introducing Logan to Jerry and Ken.

Logan was 18 years old, a very handsome young man, blond and blue-eyed, with a hot, athletic body. He was a member of his high school’s award winning wrestling team, and one of the most popular guys at his school.

When Erik broke the news to him, Logan stared at him, a horrified expression on his handsome face.

“What do you mean?” he said slowly.

Erik smiled and pointed at a metal frame in the middle of the room. It was an off-the-shelf heavy bag stand, without a training bag.

“We’re going to strip you naked and strap you to the bag stand”, Erik explained, smiling. “Jerry and Ken here have agreed to do the punching. They’re boxers, so everything will be strictly by the book.”

Jerry and Ken grinned at Logan.

“I’m gonna pummel your little ball bag so hard, you’ll shoot your load in no time”, Jerry grinned.

“It’s a pretty big ball bag”, Erik corrected him. “That’s why we chose him.”

“Wait a minute”, Logan said, shifting nervously. “I don’t think---“

“When’s the last time you shot a load?” Erik asked matter-of-factly, looking at his clipboard.

“The last time I--- A week ago, I think”, Logan said. “Thursday, to be exact.”

“Excellent”, Erik said with a smile, checking a box before looking up at Logan. “So your sack is nice and full, right.”

Logan let out a sigh. “Yeah, but---“

“Great”, Erik interrupted him. “Don’t worry. We’ll do this as quickly and cleanly as possible, right guys?”

Jerry and Ken burst out laughing.

“Let’s have a look at your goods”, Erik said suavely, looking at Logan expectantly.

Logan blinked. “But I---“

“You don’t want to stand in the way of science, do you?” Jerry said without even trying to hide his amusement.

Logan cleared his throat. “I don’t---“

“Listen, buddy”, Ken said. “We get it. You had other plans for that load. Sure. That’s entirely understandable. I mean, you’d rather blow it on your girlfriend’s face, or on her tits, right?”

Logan smiled sheepishly. “Well, I---“

“Well, tough luck”, Jerry chimed in, chuckling.

“That’s right”, Ken grinned. “Tough fucking luck. Get over it, and take your fucking clothes off.”

The beefy, brawny guy looked at Logan, his hands on his hips. His long, slender dick was rock-hard inside his shorts, creating an impressive tent.

Logan gulped. There was no way he’d win a fight against this stud. “Alright”, he mumbled defiantly. “Alright.” He took off his clothes, revealing his ripped body and his very impressive pair of juicy testicles that dangled low in his smooth, silky sack.

With the help of Jerry and Ken, Erik attached Logan to the bag stand, his arms tied behind his back, his legs spread wide apart, his ball bag hanging invitingly between his muscular thighs.

Jerry and Ken looked at him and chuckled.

Logan grimaced.

“Why don’t you have a look at the goods”, Erik said with a smile. “See if everything is to your liking.”

Jerry grinned and grabbed Logan’s nutsack in one hand, rolling his plump, cum-filled balls between his fingers.

“Nice balls”, he grinned.

“Thanks”, Logan mumbled, completely immobilized except for his head. He was looking down at his crotch, watching Jerry grope his nutsack and squeeze his balls. He let out a soft groan.

“The bag’s fine”, Jerry said, taking a step back. He adjusted his crotch, his boner tenting his shorts.

“The abs look pretty good, too”, Ken chimed in, running his hand up and down Logan’s chiseled abs before smacking them with the palm of his hand, making Logan cough. “It’ll be fun to destroy them.” He let out a laugh.

Erik made a note and stepped forward, lifting Logan’s limp dick with his ballpoint pen. “The penis looks fine, too”, he said, withdrawing the pen.

The heavy mushroom head of Logan’s dick swung down, striking his balls and making them swing like a Newton’s cradle.

Logan yelped in pain.

Jerry and Ken roared with laughter.

Erik looked up at Logan and smiled. “You okay?”

Logan raised his eyebrows. “Well, actually---“

“Nice”, Erik interrupted him, turning to the boxers who had started warming up, throwing hooks and uppercuts into the air. “A coin toss will determine who goes first.”

Ken won the coin toss, and he put on a pair of boxing gloves as Erik sat down at a table next to Logan, holding a stop watch.

Logan looked at Ken and gulped.

“I’m gonna make him cum in no time”, Ken announced confidently.

Jerry chuckled. “Yeah?”

Ken grinned. “I’m gonna wreck his fucking abs”, he continued, playfully nudging Logan’s taut, muscular belly. “They’re gonna hang in shreds from his body when I’m done with him.”

Jerry laughed and looked up at Logan. “Oh boy, you’re in for a treat…”

Logan let out a miserable groan.

“Ready?” Erik asked.

Ken nodded.

“Go!” Erik said, starting the stop watch.

“First, I’ll soften you up a little bit”, Ken grinned before delivering a hard right uppercut to Logan’s stomach.

Logan was gritting his teeth, letting out a guttural grunt.

“I’ve got a surprise for you later on”, Ken continued as he punched Logan’s abs once again with a left hook.

Logan groaned.

“You’ll love it”, Ken grinned, throwing a mean jab-cross-hook-cross combination at Logan’s belly.

Logan let out an anguished wail, struggling against his restraints.

Ken followed up with a rapid-fire series of hard jabs that connected perfectly with Logan’s rapidly reddening abs, making him scream in agony.

“Holy fuck”, Jerry chuckled, pointing at Logan’s crotch.

His dick was coming to life, slowly but steadily fattening and expanding until it was rock hard.

Ken continued his assault on Logan’s taut abs, making him scream and grunt and groan in pain as Ken’s glove-clad fists connected with his stomach.

Ken glanced down at Logan’s twitching boner and chuckled. “Alright”, he grinned, “time for phase 2.” With that, he took off his boxing gloves and threw them away. He adjusted his hard cock that was leaking precum, creating a moist patch in his shorts.

Then he put on brass knuckles, laughing out loud at the sight of Logan’s shocked face.

“You can’t be serious”, Logan groaned.

“Of course I am”, Ken chuckled, rubbing the brass knuckles with his other hand. “Buddy, I’m trying to punch a load of cum out of you.” He winked at Logan. “I gotta use every trick in the book…”

“This is gonna hurt”, Jerry mused, casually squeezing the huge erection on his shorts.

“Fuck yeah”, Ken chuckled before delivering a hard straight punch to Logan’s red, sore abs.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.

Again and again, Ken’s knuckles slammed into Logan’s abs, making him scream and roar in pain, his face contorted in pain. His body was covered in sweat and he was breathing heavily, his dick twitching and leaking precum.

“We’re getting close”, Ken said triumphantly, glancing at Logan’s throbbing, dripping cock while delivering blow after ab-wrecking blow to Logan’s poor, red, sore stomach.

Logan wailed in agony as his dick erupted with a huge spurt of cum that splattered against Ken’s muscular body.

“Fuck yeah!” Ken roared, delivering another hard punch to Logan’s abs as jet after jet of creamy spunk shot out of Logan’s dick, covering the muscular boxer’s chest and stomach in a thick layer of baby batter.

Logan’s face was a mask of pain, his abs beet red and sore, as his body was rocked by a powerful, involuntary orgasm.

Ken turned around, raising his arms like a prize boxer after knocking out his opponent, a triumphant, proud expression on his face.

Jerry burst out laughing, pointing at Ken’s cum-soaked shorts. “Did you just cream your pants, man?” he chuckled, playfully punching his buddy’s shoulder.

Ken roared with laughter. “Well, I told you that ab-bashing is an effective way of making someone cum”, he grinned, looking down his body. His chest and his abs were covered in Logan’s spunk, and his own creamy jizz was dripping out the leg opening of his shorts.

“9 minutes, 13 seconds”, Erik announced. “Pretty good. Now it’s your turn, Jerry.”

Jerry chuckled and grabbed Logan’s spent, dripping cock. “You know, I’m at a disadvantage here, you know?” he said, jerking Logan’s softening dick a couple of times. “I mean, he has just emptied his balls. Who knows if there’s another load inside?”

Erik smiled. “Trust me, there is. Logan is full of cum.”

Logan let out a miserable groan.

“Wanna give up?” Ken taunted his buddy, a wide grin on his face.

Jerry let out a laugh. “You wish! I’m gonna whip another loud out of him, and it’ll be bigger and creamier than yours!”

Logan moaned miserably, causing both Jerry and Ken to burst out laughing.

After elevating the bag stand to give Jerry better access to Logan’s drained balls, Jerry balled his fists and looked up at Logan. “Let’s get ready to rumble!” he quipped.

Ken laughed.

Logan whimpered, his face contorted in pain, sweat running down his muscular body.

“Go!” Erik said, starting the stop watch.

Jerry didn’t lose any time, delivering a hard, mean uppercut to Logan’s dangling ballsack. His knuckles connected with Logan’s delicate meatballs, smashing them flat against his body and making Logan roar in pain.

Jerry chuckled and punched Logan’s spuds once again, eliciting a high-pitched wail as Logan’s babymakers were flattened like pancakes.

Punch after nut-crunching punch connected with Logan’s most prized possessions, making his ballsack swing wildly as Logan screamed in agony.

It took more than two dozen punches to awaken Logan’s dick. After accidentally smashing the fat head of Logan’s limp dick a couple of times, Jerry was happy to see it rise. With Logan’s dick hard and pointing at the ceiling, he was able to treat Logan’s nuts like a punching bag, smashing it with hooks and jabs and uppercuts, left and right, making the ball bag swing wildly.

Its contents, the two recently emptied sperm containers, were swelling rapidly.

Logan was wailing and screaming, groaning and shrieking in agony, his sweaty face clenched shut, as the color of his big, beautiful ballsack changed from a healthy pink to a rather unhealthy burgundy red with sporadic shades of blue.

“Look at his fucking nuts”, Jerry laughed, pummeling Logan’s balls with both of his fists, “they are starting to match his abs!”

Ken roared with laughter.

The sound of Jerry’s knuckles connecting with Logan’s bloated, swollen balls echoed through the room, mixing with Logan’s anguished screams.

Jerry was having the time of his life, pummeling away at Logan’s beet-red danglers.

Logan’s dick was rock-hard and twitching. Precum was oozing out of its tip, running down his shaft and coating his wildly swinging ballsack in a sticky layer of precious juice. It looked like the glistening varnish on a work of modern art.

Obviously, Logan wasn’t able to appreciate the artful appearance of his ballsack. He was wailing and screaming, grunting and groaning as his nuts were pummeled like a speedbag.

Stopping his assault on Logan’s manhood for a moment, Jerry turned to his buddy and grinned.

Logan’s swinging nutsack calmed down, leisurely swinging back and forth, looking surprisingly peaceful. Only the angry red color and the developing bruises were indications that something wasn’t quite right. And there were Logan’s anguished screams, of course.

“Can I borrow your brass knuckles?” Jerry asked his friend.

“Ouch!” Ken cringed in mock sympathy while laughing out loud. “Of course, man!”

Jerry chuckled. “Those nuts are tough to crack”, he quipped. “But I’ll crack them and make them release their sweet, creamy pulp.”

Ken roared with laughter at his buddy’s joke.

“Right, boy?” Jerry looked up and winked at Logan, putting on the brass knuckles and waving them at the poor stud whose throbbing cock was rock-hard and glistening.

Logan’s face was a mask of pain, sweaty and hot. His eyes were clenched shut and his mouth was hanging open, spit dripping from its corners.

Jerry smashed his armored fist into Logan’s bruised, swollen balls, making them swing back and hit his ass cheeks with a wet splat.

Logan’s voice rose an octave and he let out a comically high-pitched yodel.

Jerry’s brass knuckles connected with Logan’s badly battered balls again and again, making him scream and wail in utter agony.

His dick was twitching and throbbing violently, pointing at the ceiling, its tip dripping wet.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Logan yelled, his voice strangled and hoarse, his eyes clenched shut.

A huge spurt of cum shot out of his dick, hitting Jerry right in the face.

Ken burst out laughing as his buddy was showered in spunk.

Jerry let out a soft moan of pleasure as he released his own load inside his shorts while jet after creamy jet of jizz shot out of Logan’s dick.

Logan was panting and moaning, his face contorted in pain.

Jerry threw one final punch at Logan’s busy balls, making him let out an anguished wail. Then he turned to his buddy, chuckling.

He was covered from head to toe in Logan’s jizz.

Jerry and Ken high-fived, laughing, as Logan’s orgasm slowly subsided.

Logan was a mess. His abs were beet red and sore, his balls bloated, swollen and bruised, his softening dick dripping with spunk.

“10 minutes, 52 seconds”, Erik said matter-of-factly, glancing at his clip-board. “Looks like we have a winner.”

“Wait a second”, Jerry said. “That’s just because I went second, I demand---“

“Don’t worry”, Erik interrupted him with a smile. “Of course we’ll have to rule out the so-called ‘first load factor’.” He got up and reached into the pocket of his lab coat. “That’s why we’ll reconvene in two weeks and conduct the experiment again, in reverse order.”

Jerry and Ken looked at each other and laughed.

Logan opened his eyes and he let out a miserable groan.

“And to make sure that we’ll have something to work with…” Erik’s voice trailed off as he walked up to Logan, produced a little chastity device and locked up Logan’s cock.

“You can’t be serious”, Logan whispered, staring down at his caged dick, his bruised abs and his battered balls.

“Alright”, Erik said cheerfully, starting to lower Logan’s body and release his restraints. “That’s it for today.” He glanced at the cum-stains that were covering the floor. “We’ll have a lot of cleaning-up to do…”


When Logan returned two weeks later, he was half an hour early, storming into the studio, edgy and restless, his hair unkempt, his shirt sloppily buttoned.

“Alright, let’s do this”, he mumbled without a hello, starting to take off his shoes.

“My, you can’t wait, huh?” Erik chuckled.

“Let’s do this”, Logan repeated, throwing his shoes into a corner.

Erik chuckled.

Logan mumbled something unintelligible, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down.

“What was that?” Erik asked.

“Tie me up and bash the cum out of me”, Logan muttered, “I gotta get out of that fucking cage.”

Erik grinned as he watched Logan undress.

Stark naked, his fat cock locked up inside the chastity device, Logan stared at Erik, a desperate expression on his face. “Please.”

When Jerry and Ken arrived, Logan was hanging from the bag stand, his legs spread, his dick unlocked and pointing at the ceiling. “Come on!” he yelled. “Punch the fucking cum out of my nuts!”

Jerry and Ken looked at each other and laughed.

“Easy, easy”, Jerry chuckled. “We got to change first.”

“God”, Logan moaned. “I need to cum!”

Jerry and Ken took their time changing into their boxing shorts, while Logan was begging them to hurry up.

Jerry went first, masterfully bashing Logan’s balls with his fists, treating them like a speedbag and making Logan scream and wail while egging him on.

“Punch those fucking nuts!” Logan cried. “Harder, punch them harder! Make them give up their load! Make me cum! I need to fucking cum!”

Jerry complied, pummeling Logan’s juicy, cum-filled babymakers until Logan shot an incredibly copious load, roaring with pleasure, pain and relief. His balls were swollen and red and covered in bruises.

Then it was Ken’s turn.

After having released his load, Logan wasn’t as enthusiastic about getting his abs bashed any more, but Ken managed to bridge the enthusiasm gap by going extra hard on Logan’s abs, throwing punch after punch at his rapidly reddening abs.

After Logan had shot his second load, I had a sense of déjà-vu: Logan was a mess. His abs were beet red and sore, his balls bloated, swollen and bruised, his softening dick dripping with spunk.

Jerry and Ken were covered in Logan’s cum, and they had both creamed their pants.

Erik crunched the numbers. “Okay”, Erik said finally. “Ball busting: 8 minutes, 27 seconds on average. Ab bashing: 8 minutes, 42 seconds on average.”

Jerry laughed. “Yes! I told you! I told you that busting his balls is a more effective way of making someone cum than bashing his abs!”

Erik raised his hands. “Not so fast”, he said quickly. “15 seconds is well within the margin of error. We’re talking science here, so we’ll have to make sure that this is not an outlier.” He grabbed the chastity device and smiled at Logan.

“What?!” Logan croaked.

Jerry and Ken looked like they had just won the lottery.

“Don’t worry”, Erik smiled as he locked Logan’s dick up again. “The numbers get more reliable every time. It shouldn’t take more than a dozen iterations until we have a solid result.”

Logan let out a dry cough.

Before Logan left, Erik handed him a bottle of pills. “No more than three a day”, he said, smiling at Logan. “They’ll help when you’re horny.”

After Logan had gone, I asked Erik about the pills.

“Viagra”, Erik said with a grin. “No reason science can't be fun, right?”

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (23)

We all speak different languages, but there's one thing we all have in common: our humanity deeply held belief that guys hitting each other in the nuts is the most hilarious thing ever.

Here are some of my favorite clips from all over the world featuring guys busting each others' balls for fun.

In the Spanish-speaking world guys seem to be fascinated with creating series of clips demonstrating their stubborn will to turn themselves sterile (most notably the Dickstroyers' classic 100 Razones por las que no puedo tener hijos). Here's BreakersRazón número 6 por la que soy gilipollas (Reason number 6 why I'm an asshole). Make sure to turn the sound up for this one. When the poor boy's balls get kicked you can hear them smack against his body. Spectacular.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Best of the busts: November 2016

Your feedback matters a lot to me. It's the thing that has kept me going for almost eight years now. So if you like a story, if you dislike a story, if you want to share your opinion about the characters, the plot or the writing, please let me know.

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Now let's have a look at last month's posts. If you haven't read every single one of them you might want to check out one of the top picks...

The three top rated stories of November 2016:

average rating: 4.74/5 (31 votes)

average rating: 4.61 (18 votes)

average rating: 4.33/5 (18 votes)
The three top rated "Video links" posts of November 2016:
Kiss or kick (3): 5.00 (7 votes)
Bare and bulging: 4.57 (7 votes)
Bieberballs: 4.30 (10 votes)

Honorable mention (for posts that don't fall into either category):
Snapshot: The package: 4.91 (11 votes)

My personal pick:
This month it's a very difficult choice. I just can't limit it down to one, so I'm going to pick two three four stories (in no particular order):

Love, pain and sibling rivalry (written by Jacob) (your rating: 4.33) is a wonderful story by one of our readers featuring the twins. I can't tell you how honored I feel when readers write about my characters - it's such a great experience to see them come to life in another person's vision!
(Message to Jacob: Again, I'm really sorry that I can't send you any emails right now because hotmail blocks gmx messages. I'll continue trying, and one day it will work again...)

My painful exam (written by Martín) (your rating: 4.18) is another great story by one of our readers. I love Martín's debut story My biggest weakness, and I'm so glad he wrote another one!

- I know that Balls à la carte (your rating: 4.17) isn't everybody's cup of tea - but I tremendously enjoyed writing it. Throwing in a bit of fire and needle play was pretty fun, and I wrote the story in one sitting after the idea popped into my head one morning. I love those experiences, even though your reactions were mixed...

- The process of writing Hot and horny (Stefan meets Logan) (your rating: 4.74) was just awesome. Thank you so much, Stefan, for our wonderful email conversation and those incredible pics you sent me!

And what's your personal pick?
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Stag night

Special thanks to our reader ScotLad for coming up with the idea for this story!

Featured in this story: BenColinKev and Zach (click for pictures)

“Fucking A!” Mason howled. “I knew you’d come up with something awesome, bro!”

“Fuck yeah”, Kev grinned.

“Fuck yeah!” Mason laughed, giving Kev a bro hug.

Mason choosing Kev to be the best man for his wedding had been a no brainer.

The two 20 year old studs had been best friends in school, and that hadn’t changed when Kev had moved away.

Mason was a handsome guy, tall and muscular, with short dirty blond hair and a sexy smile. He was wearing jeans and a shirt that accentuated the great shape of his body. Back in school, Mason had been very popular with the girls, even more popular than his best friend Kev.

He had been dating his bride-to-be for a couple of years now, but Kev knew Mason’s dick had been inside countless girls, and Mason hadn’t been too secretive about it. He loved talking big and shooting his mouth off.

“Let’s go”, Kev grinned, nudging Mason’s muscular upper arm. “Let’s give you a proper send-off!” He laughed and adjusted the bulge in his chinos.

“Fuck yeah!” Mason roared.

“Fuck yeah!” Kev yelled.

They got into the white stretch-limo and Kev poured Mason a shot. “Here”, he chuckled. “To get you in the mood…”

Mason laughed and downed the shot in one gulp.

Mason had just arrived in town. Kev hadn’t told him what the weekend was going to be about – but Mason had had a hunch.

Picking Mason up at the airport with a stretch-limo was a great start for a wild, hilarious stag night.

“So what are we going to do?” Mason asked, smiling at Kev.

Kev leaned back, ran his hand through his brown hair and chuckled. “We’re gonna make sure that you’ll crawl back to Emma on all fours, big guy.”

Mason laughed, adjusting his crotch. “Fuck yeah!”

Mason was blessed with a big, meaty dick that made other men turn green with envy. It was slightly larger than Kev’s impressive tool, a fact that Mason loved to remind his best friend about, and Kev usually replied with a playful smack to Mason’s big, plump low-hangers.

The limo stopped, and the door opened.

“Mason!” Colin yelled, jumping into the limo to hug the groom-to-be.

“Party! Party! Party!” Ben hollered, climbing into the car.

Colin and Ben were Kev’s buddies at the dorm.

Like Kev and Mason, they were 20 years old.

Colin was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. A baseball cap was hiding his short dark blond hair.

Ben was dressed more casually, wearing loose sweat pants and a sleeveless shirt that showed off the black-haired studs muscular arms.

Kev turned up the music inside the stretch limo and told the driver to take them to the club house.

“The club house!” Mason laughed. “Fuck yeah!”

“You’re in for quite a day, buddy!” Kev chuckled, patting Mason’s shoulder and pouring him another shot.

A little while later, they arrived.

Zach was standing in the driveway, grinning from ear to ear. The blond stud was wearing blue jeans and no shirt, showing off his muscular chest and his six-pack abs.

Zach’s frat brothers were gone for the weekend, leaving Zach to look after the house. And what better way to look after it than to host the first stop of a wild bachelor party?

As soon as Mason, Kev, Ben and Colin got out of the limo, Zach handed each of them a customized t-shirt reading “Last Night Of The PLUMS! Mason’s Bachelor Party”, along with a crude black-and-white picture of Mason, passed out and naked, his impressive genitalia decorated with a black ribbon. A smaller caption below the picture read “Mason’s Balls, 1996-2016, R.I.P.”.

“Fuck, bro!” Mason laughed. “When did you take that picture?!”

Kev chuckled. “Remember when we celebrated your engagement?”

Mason burst out laughing. “Fuck you, bro! Fuck you!”

“Alright, guys”, Kev clapped his hands. “We have a lot of things planned for today. Let’s start things off with a nice little game of beer pong!”

The guys hooted and cheered as they changed into the t-shirts before Zach led them into the basement where a beer pong table was waiting for them.

“It’s the groom against the Happy Bachelors!” Kev announced.

“Damn, bro”, Mason chuckled. “I gotta play alone?!”

“That’s right”, Kev grinned. “And I know how much you suck at this.”

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

“And to raise the stakes a bit”, Kev continued, winking at Mason who let out a deep sigh, “Whenever we score a hit you’ll not only drink but you’re also treated to a shot from each of us.” He paused, a huge grin on his face. “What kind of shot? A nut shot!”

“Bro!” Mason groaned as the rest of the guys whooped and cheered and high-fived.

Kev put his arms around Mason’s shoulder and ruffled his hair. “Last night of the plums, bro”, he grinned. “Last night of the plums…”

Mason let out a laugh as Kev smacked him in the nuts with the back of his hands, turning his laughter into a coughing fit.

“You go first, bro”, Kev chuckled. “It’s your big night.”

It became clear very early on that Mason was going to have a very painful night. After an out-and-out miss by Mason, Kev scored easily.

“Drink up”, Kev grinned as his buddies were cheering. “And spread your legs.”

Mason chuckled and downed the beer before putting his hands behind his head, spreading his legs wide apart.

His pants were bulging with his massive manhood, creating a very inviting target for Kev.

“I hope you’re not planning on having kids”, Kev chuckled before bringing his foot up between Mason’s legs, flattening his bulge and ramming his tender testicles into his body.

Mason doubled over, struggling to keep his hands behind his head, groaning in agony.

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

One by one, the rest of the guys took their turns bashing Mason’s balls, and the groom-to-be took it like a man, grunting and groaning but refusing to go down.

After Colin had delivered his nut-shattering kick, Mason doubled over, clutching his crotch and groaning in pain.

“Fuck, that one was right on target”, he grunted to roaring laughter of the guys.

“It’s pretty hard to miss”, Kev quipped. “That’s the downside of having a monster cock, huh?”

Mason chuckled.

The second round didn’t go any better for Mason. He missed, and Ben scored.

“Damn”, Mason groaned, spreading his legs, rubbing his handsome face with both of his hands. “You have to go easy on me, guys. I need my fucking nuts if we’re going to go to a strip club later.”

Kev laughed. “What makes you think we’re going to a strip club? Your nuts will be trashed when we’re done here. No stripper in the world will be able to turn you on…”

The guys roared with laughter.

Mason chuckled. He had been to a couple of bachelor parties, and all of them had ended up in a strip club. He closed his eyes in anticipation.

Ben’s foot crashed into his manhood like a freight train, lifting him off the ground and squishing his hefty plums inside his pants.

Kev, Zach and Colin cringed in sympathy.

“Ooooooooh!” Kev chuckled, rubbing his own crotch. “God, I bet your kids will feel that one…”

Mason’s mouth was wide open and he let out a silent scream, his eyes slightly crossed, his lip quivering.

He was frozen in place, his hands cramping behind his head.

Kev let out a laugh. “Quick, get your kicks in before he goes down.”

Zach and Colin laughed.

Zach’s foot smashed into Mason’s nuggets, making him let out a croaky grunt.

Colin was next, bringing his leg back and kicking Mason’s balls with all the force he could muster.

Mason’s eyes twitched and he let out a miserable, high-pitched whimper.

Finally, Kev made him find his voice again. Kev’s foot rammed into Mason’s crotch, crunching his traumatized testicles flat, and eliciting a full-throated scream before Mason fell to his knees, clutching his crotch, his face a mask of pain.

Kev, Ben, Zach and Colin roared with laughter, and Kev raised his arms into the air as if he had just scored the winning goal in a championship soccer match.

His buddies high-fived him as Mason was writhing on the ground, clutching his groin, his face a mask of pain.

It took a little while until Mason was able to stand straight again. He was rubbing his crotch, grinning weakly. “Okay, guys, I think I’ll just give up, okay?”

As his friends protested, Mason grimaced and raised his hands. “Okay, okay, okay, what about this: You’ll each get a free shot at my nuts.”

The guys looked at each other.

“And you’ll drink all the beer on the table”, Kev said.

“Okay”, Mason grinned.

“And you’ll take off your pants”, Kev added with a grin.

Mason hesitated. “Underwear?”

“Underwear down, too”, Kev grinned at his best friend. “We want a nice, clean shot at your big fucking balls.”

Mason grimaced, adjusting the big bulge in his jeans. “Alright”, he mumbled. “Alright.” He grudgingly opened his zipper and pulled down his pants, revealing a heavily loaded pair of boxer briefs.

The guys cheered and clapped.

Mason chuckled and pulled down his underwear, slowly revealing his trimmed pubes and the root of his cock. His buddies were wolf-whistling and hooting, and Mason played along, moving his hips while exposing more and more of his limp, meaty dick like a stripper at a bachelorette party.

It seemed to take forever until the fat helmet of his oversized monster cock was revealed. His huge balls were hanging low in his reddened sack, slightly swollen, swinging lazily from side to side.

With his pants hanging around his ankles, Mason emptied the remaining cups of beer on the table, egged on by his buddies.

When Mason had downed the last cup, Kev laughed and patted the groom-to-be’s shoulder. “Time for the shots, bro.”

Glassy-eyed and with a slightly slurred pronunciation, he repeated, “Yeah, time for the shots.” Struggling to keep his balance, he took off his pants and spread his legs, a cocky smile on his face. “Bring it on!”

Kev laughed. “You want those shots, bro?”

“Fuck yeah!” Mason chuckled.

The rest of the guys laughed.

“Can’t hear you”, Kev grinned. “You want those shots, bro?”

“Fuck yeah!!” Mason laughed, putting his hands behind his head, his huge dick and his humongous balls dangling vulnerably between his thighs.

“You want those fucking nutshots, bro?” Kev yelled.

“Fuck yeah!!!” Mason roared. “Trash my fucking nuts!”

“You heard the man”, Kev laughed, turning to his buddies. “Trash his fucking nuts!”

Pumped with alcohol and adrenaline, Mason roared, “Fuck yea---“

A well-placed, hard snap kick to Mason’s juicy jellybeans made Mason go quiet immediately.

There was a loud, wet splat as Zach’s foot connected with Mason’s balls, smashing them into his body, followed by another, equally loud splat when Mason’s fat cock smacked against his abs.

Mason’s eyes watered and his eyebrows rose. His face went blank and his mouth opened to form a cute little O.

“Shit, look at his face”, Kev laughed.

“It’s like you can see his unborn children crying inside his eyes”, Colin quipped, causing the rest of the guys to roar with laughter.

“My nuts”, Mason whispered in a toneless voice, his knees shaking. “My fucking nuts, bro.”

“Your fucking nuts are gonna get crushed, bro”, Kev chuckled as he knelt in front of his best friend, balling both of his fists. “Get your fucking monster of a cock out of the way.”

Mason groaned and grabbed the tip of his dick, holding it against his abs as Kev started using his rapidly swelling spud satchel as a speedbag, making it swing wildly and eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Mason.

“Now, that’s what I call a workout routine”, Colin laughed, walking behind Mason as Kev delivered a series of rapid-fire punches to Mason’s nuts.

As soon as Kev had stopped smashing Mason’s marbles, Colin followed up with a hard kick from behind.

Mason’s eyes bulged and he let out an anguished wail as his nuts were flattened against his body like two meaty pancakes.

“One more shot and you’re done”, Kev announced, nodding at Ben who grabbed Mason by the shoulders and rammed his knee up between Mason’s thighs.

Mason let out a soprano squeal as his sensitive spuds were squished between Ben’s bony knee and his own body.

He gasped for breath and collapsed on the ground as his buddies cheered and laughed.

Kev brought a pack of ice that Mason gratefully placed on his throbbing testicles.

“Who’s up for a game of paintball?” Kev roared.

Ben, Colin and Zach cheered.

Mason let out a miserable groan. “Seriously, bro, anything is better than this.” He managed a weak grin as the guys grabbed him and brought him to the limo, leaving his jeans and his underwear behind.

The music was blaring inside the car as Mason pressed the ice pack against his aching nuts.

“You know”, he yelled, “you probably thought you took me out of the game with that beer pong stuff, right?” He chuckled and put the ice pack away, revealing his fat cock and his swollen nuts. Her jerked his dick a couple of times as his buddies laughed and cheered, bringing it to full hardness within seconds.

It was a very impressive tool, thick and fat. Mason grabbed it by the root and smacked it into the palm of his hand a couple of times.

“Everything’s working fine, see?” Mason grinned. “I’m gonna make one of tonight’s strippers a very happy lady, bro.”

Kev laughed and smacked his best friend’s nuts hard with the back of his hand. “Yeah, we’ll see”, he chuckled as Mason doubled over, groaning in pain.

A little later, they arrived at the paintball area. An instructor awaited them, handing them their equipment. Apparently he was used to dealing with bachelor’s parties: Mason’s nudity below the belt didn’t even make him raise his eyebrows. “You booked the rabbit costume as well, right?”

Kev grinned. “Sure!”

They changed into camouflage coveralls and protective helmets, but Mason’s gear was a little different from the other guys’. The most obvious difference was the color: All the other guys’ coveralls were grey, green and black, and the helmets were black. Mason’s coverall was bright pink, purple and red. His helmet was pink, with large purple rabbit ears attached to it.

But the most troubling difference, from Mason’s point of view, was the strategically placed hole at the front of his crotch, leaving his fat, meaty dick and his low-hanging balls uncovered and entirely unprotected.

“Guys”, Mason protested. “You can’t expect me to play like this!”

His friends were laughing their asses off.

Mason turned to the instructor.

“It’s the Rabbit Hunt”, the instructor said, shrugging his shoulders.

“More like the Egg Hunt”, Colin quipped to riotous laughter.

Mason blinked.

Colin aimed his marker at Mason’s crotch and fired. The paintball hit him point-blank in the left nut, making Mason yodel in pain as the left side of his sack was covered in yellow color.

“This is the safe zone”, the instructor said. “No shooting in here.” He pointed at the marked playing field. “Go there.”

Mason shook his head. “No fucking wayeeayeeeh!”

He shrieked in pain as Kev fired a paintball at his right nut, making the right side of his nutsack turn bright green.

“Sorry”, Kev grinned. “No safe zone for the bachelor.”

The instructor shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever.”

Immediately, all the guys were firing their markers at Mason’s crotch, making him scream in pain as his nutsack was painted in all the colors of the rainbow.

Mason turned around and ran away, his colorful nutsack and his big, floppy cock bouncing around wildly as he tried to escape.

His friends stayed behind, firing paintballs at his ass and his back.

“Hold your weapons”, Kev yelled.

The guys chuckled as they watched Mason run through the field.

“Remember, this is an Egg Hunt”, Kev grinned. “Don’t waste your ammunition on his ass. Go for his eggs.”

His friends cheered and they followed Mason, splitting up and surrounding their target.

Cornered, Mason made a run for it.

Unfortunately, he ran right into the line of fire, as Zach fired a series of paintballs at Mason’s wildly bouncing balls, making him howl in agony before tripping and falling down.

A moment later, he was circled by his buddies who emptied their magazines onto his aching testicles, eliciting screams and shrieks, grunts and groans.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” Mason squealed as his ballsack turned yellow, green, blue and orange.

His buddies were laughing their asses off.

They quickly ran out of ammunition and made their way back to the car.

Mason was limping, clutching his multi-colored nutsack, groaning in agony.

When they returned the equipment, the instructor asked, “Everything go alright?”

Kev grinned. “The rabbit’s eggs are scrambled for good, that’s for sure.”

The instructor chuckled. “Have a nice evening, guys.”

Inside the limo, Mason grabbed the ice pack and pressed it against his balls. They were severely swollen now, and even though he had tried to wipe off the paintball color, they were covered in yellow, orange, red and purple spots.

“Okay”, Mason groaned, leaning back and closing his eyes. “We’re going to the strip club now, right?”

Kev chuckled. “Wanna show us if your dick’s still working?”

Mason opened his eyes and managed a weak grin. “My dick’s always working, bro”, he said before putting the icepack away and stroking his cock.

This time, it took him a little longer to get a reaction out of his fat, meaty monster.

Eventually, though, it was fully hard. Mason’s grin widened. “See?” A drop of precum oozed out, and he scooped it up with his index finger, showing it off to his buddies. “Fully loaded and ready for action.” He chuckled. “Strip club?”

Kev looked at Colin who was sitting next to Mason.

Colin nodded and brought his fist down hard on Mason’s nuts, making him wail in agony.

“Not yet, bro”, Kev chuckled as his friends burst out laughing.

The limo stopped in front of a sports ground that looked like it had seen better times. There were two soccer goals on the withered green, and they headed towards one of them.

“We’re going to play a round of ‘Beat the Goalie’”, Kev announced.

Mason chuckled. “You know I’m good at that, bro.”

“Yeah”, Kev grinned. “I know. That’s why we’re going to have a couple of additional precautions.”

Zach, Colin and Zach grabbed Mason and pulled him towards the goal.

Mason struggled to no avail. “Wait--- What--- Bro---“

They tied his hands to the crossbar and spread his legs wide apart, tying his feet to the posts.

“Holy shit, this is going to hurt”, Zach chuckled.

“Bro”, Mason groaned, his swollen balls and fat, limp cock dangling vulnerably between his thighs. “Come on.”

“Where are the balls?” Ben asked, looking around.

“Oops”, Kev grinned. “Seems like I have forgotten to bring any balls.” He chuckled and reached between Mason’s legs, tugging on his swollen nuts before giving them a playful smack.

Mason let out an anguished yelp.

“Seems like we’ll have to make do with these”, Kev grinned.

The rest of the guys hooted and cheered as Kev took a step back and brought his foot up between Mason’s legs.

His instep collided with Mason’s balls, ramming them into his body and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Gooooaaaal!” Kev roared, high-fiving his friends as Mason struggled against his restraints.

One by one, they kicked Mason’s nuts, erupting in cheers and applause as Mason’s nuts were crushed time and time again.

Colin proved to be a particularly good goalscorer, hitting both of Mason’s fat low-hangers dead-on with every kick.

Mason’s face was contorted in agony, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth open wide as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

His balls were black and blue, adding entirely new range of colors to the keepsakes of the paintball adventure, and his dick had suffered quite a bit of collateral damage. His massive schlong was dangling heavily in front of his low-hanging babymakers. But instead of offering protection, the pesky appendix added to the pain in Mason’s manhood. The fat head of his meaty dick acted as an amplifier, crushed between the guy’s feet and his traumatized testicles.

Finally, when Mason’s voice turned hoarse and raspy from all the screaming, the guys had mercy and untied him, allowing him to curl up on the ground, nursing his battered balls and his bruised cock, whimpering in pain.

His buddies joked and laughed, drinking beer and waiting for him to recover.

After what seemed like an eternity, Mason raised his head, his face a mask of pain. “Strip club?” he croaked.

His friends roared with laughter.

“Fuck, bro”, Kev chuckled. “You really want to go to the club, right?”

Mason grinned weakly and got up, tentatively stroking his sore cock until it was fully hard.

“Yup”, he grinned, pointing at his erect member. “Definitely.”

“Alright”, Kev chuckled. “Let’s go!”

The guys cheered and hooted as they entered the limo that drove them to the Wet’nWild Emporium.

Before they got out of the car, Mason pleaded with his best man to let him put on pants so he could hide his swollen nuts and his bruised, floppy cock.

“What, you’re shy all of a sudden?” Kev chuckled, opening the door.

“Please, bro”, Mason grimaced. “I---“

“Come on, man, you’re proud of your fucking cock”, Kev chuckled. “And rightly so! It’s a nice, big piece of meat.” He reached over and smacked Mason’s limp cock. “It’s a fucking monster”, he continued with a grin as Mason’s dong swung from side to side between his thighs. “The girls are gonna go wild…”

Mason managed a weak grin. “You think so?”

“Fuck yeah”, Kev chuckled. “Right, guys?”

Colin, Ben and Zach laughed.

“I dunno”, Mason mumbled. “I mean, it’s the girls that are supposed to be naked, right?”

“Look at it this way”, Kev chuckled. “As soon as one of the girls gives you a lap dance you can slide right into her…”

Mason’s dick hardened instantly as the other guys hooted and cheered.

“Alright”, Mason grinned weakly, his dick fully hard now. “Let’s do this.”

They got out of the car.

The parking lot, dimly illuminated by a huge neon sign that promised “XXX 24/7” below a a big-bosomed girl whose nipples were blinking, was filled with cars, and men of all ages were walking past them, heading for the entrance. Muted, thumping music was emanating from the strip club.

“Fuck yeah!” Mason roared, raising his hands into the air, his hard, bruised cock pointing at the building, his swollen, battered balls dangling below. “That’s what I call a bachelor party!”

“One more thing”, Kev said. “We have one last game to play before we go in.”

Mason stared at him. “No more fucking nutshots, bro!” He grabbed his nutsack and weighed his precious, oversized jewels in his hand. “I don’t think I can take any more nutshots.”

Kev chuckled. “Alright.” He looked at Colin, Ben and Zach. “No nutshots, okay?”

The boys nodded, grudgingly.

“We’re going to play a game of dares”, Kev said, handing everybody a piece of paper.

The rest of the guys, including Mason, cheered.

Everybody wrote down a dare.

Mason chuckled. Now it was payback time. He folded his piece of paper and smiled.

Kev reached inside the car and asked for the limo driver’s hat to collect the pieces of paper. But before doing so, he hesitated. “You know what?” Kev grinned. “Backfire!”

Mason paled. “What?!”

“Backfire”, Kev grinned.

Mason gulped. “Wait, bro. You can’t just---“

“Sure I can”, Kev grinned. “That’s the rules, right guys?”

“Right”, Ben chuckled. “When someone calls backfire we all have to do our own dares.”

Colin and Zach nodded their head, grinning.

Mason blinked nervously. “But---“

“Let’s start with you, Zach”, Kev grinned.

Zach let out an exaggerated sigh and unfolded his piece of paper. “Let Mason kiss on you on the cheek.” He pretended to be embarrassed. “Damn”, he said, his huge grin giving him away. He closed his eyes and cocked his head, offering his cheek to Mason.

Mason groaned.

“Come on”, Kev grinned. “Rules are rules.”

Mason grimaced and gave Zach’s cheek a quick kiss.

Zach chuckled as the others burst out laughing.

“You’re next, Ben”, Kev said.

Like Zach, Ben let out an exaggerated sigh. “Let Mason kiss you on the biceps”, he read, shrugging his shoulders.

Mason stared at him.

Ben flexed his muscles, looking at Mason expectantly.

Mason rolled his eyes and kissed Ben’s biceps.

The rest of the guys cheered and laughed.


Colin’s sigh was even more exaggerated than Ben’s and Zach’s, and he couldn’t hide a wide smirk. “Let Mason kiss you on the---“ Colin’s eyes narrowed. “Damn, I can’t read my own writing…”

The guys burst out laughing as Mason shifted nervously.

“Oh, right”, Colin chuckled and looked at Mason. “On the ass cheeks. Both of them. Make it nice and sloppy.”

Colin turned around, bent over and pulled down his pants, revealing his naked butt.

The guys erupted with laughter.

Mason groaned. “Guys…”

“What are you waiting for?” Kev grinned.

His face filled with disgust, Mason leaned over and kissed Colin’s ass cheeks, making the group roar with laughter.

“A bit of tongue would have been nice”, Colin chuckled as he pulled up his pants.

Mason groaned.

“Alright, my turn”, Kev chuckled. “Let Mason kiss you on the cock.” He looked up, feigning embarrassment. “Wow. Awkward.” He shrugged his shoulders and pulled down his pants, grabbing his limp dick and holding it up.

Mason stared at it. “Bro”, he mumbled.

“Come on, kiss it!” Kev chuckled.

Mason inhaled deeply and kissed the tip of Kev’s dick. His lips barely touched it.

“Kiss it like you mean it!” Kev chuckled and grabbed Mason by the back of his head, pulling him down.

Mason opened his mouth to protest, only to take in Kev’s cock to the root.

The guys roared with laughter as Mason backed away, grimacing and groaning.

“You’re a good kisser”, Kev laughed, stowing his dick back into his pants. “You’ll make somebody a great husband!”

Mason wiped his mouth, blushing.

“Okay, now”, Kev smiled at his best friend. “Your turn.”

Mason closed his eyes and sighed.

His erection had waned. His erect cock had turned into a drooping piece of meat.

He opened his piece of paper. “Let everybody kick you in the nuts”, he said in a toneless voice.

Kev, Colin, Ben and Zach burst out laughing.

Mason quickly rumpled the piece of paper but before he could throw it away, Kev grabbed it. “Let me see.”

Mason sighed.

“A dozen times!” Kev read, roaring with laughter. “It says, ‘Let everybody kick you in the nuts a dozen times’!”

Mason looked miserable.

“You were going for revenge, huh?” Kev grinned.

Mason sighed. “I was hoping you’d draw it, bro”, he said with a weak grin.

Kev chuckled, shrugging his shoulders. “Bad luck, bro.”

“Yeah”, Mason grimaced. “Bad luck.”

Kev turned to his buddies. “Who wants to crush this bachelor’s chance of having children?” he yelled.

Ben, Colin and Zach hooted and clapped their hands.

“Who wants to ruin his wedding night?” Kev hollered.

His friends roared with approval.

Mason looked like he was about to faint.

“Who wants to make him remember this party forever and ever and ever?” Kev yelled from the top of his lungs.

Ben, Colin and Zach cheered wildly.

“Alright, bachelor”, Kev grinned, patting his best friend on the shoulder. “Say goodbye to your manhood.”

Mason gulped.

“Spread ‘em, bro”, Kev chuckled.

A defeated expression on his face, Mason did as he was told.

One by one, the four muscular studs delivered twelve hard, well-placed kicks to Mason’s ever-swelling nuts, making him grunt and groan, roar and howl, shriek and squeal in agony.

When they were done, Mason was a wreck.

His nuts were ridiculously swollen, filling out his entire sack that was shimmering in all the colors of the rainbow. His cock was beet red and badly bruised, and it was all too clear that it was rendered entirely useless for the night.

Mason was on the ground, cupping his dick and balls, lamenting the sorry state of his manhood.

“Come on, bro”, Kev squatted down next to him. “Let’s go in.” He chuckled. “Can you get it hard?”

Mason let out a miserable groan and started rubbing his limp dick.

His friends watched him, laughing derisively, as Mason tried desperately to jerk off, his naked ass sitting in the parking lot in front of a strip club as hordes of men walked past them, snickering and pointing.

After five minutes of frantic jerking, Mason gave up. He looked at Kev and shook his head.

Kev turned to his buddies and laughed. “Looks like that was the straw that broke the camel’s balls”, he quipped, making his buddies roar with laughter.

“Come on, man”, Kev chuckled and helped his buddy up.

Mason groaned and grimaced as he limped towards the entrance of the strip club, holding on to his best man for support. His battered balls and his limp, floppy cock were hurting like hell.

“Don’t worry”, Kev grinned. “We’ll get you an icepack when we get a lapdance. I hope you’ll enjoy watching us enjoy ourselves…”

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Video links: Animated agony (2)

Is there anything better than seeing a guy get hit in the crotch? Well, maybe there is: seeing a guy in an animated TV show get hit in the crotch. Granted, there are no actual testicles getting hurt (unless they rely on method acting in the dubbing studio...), but the hilarious reactions more than make up for that...

Here are some of my favorite nutshots from animated TV shows.

Let's kick things off with Canadian TV show Total Drama. It seems like the show runners really, really liked to see the male characters get knocked in the gonads. We have already seen a couple of Total Drama nutshots - and here are even more. This is a great compilation of cringe-inducing scenes from the show, complete with funny voices, hilarious facial expressions, amusing sound effects, and jaunty oneliners. My favorite line is the high-pitched "I thought I might get kicked in the kiwis, but the goat was a surprise." (1:05) Ha!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Snapshot: The package

This is the fifth part of a loose series of short stories inspired by pictures that I found on the web. They don't necessarily feature any of the regular characters. If you have an inspiring picture let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (

Previous episodes:

The loser
The farmer's sons
The intern
The boyfriend

The package arrived at noon.

It was a large box, and the two delivery men huffed and puffed as they carried it into the living room.

"Heavy", one of the men grunted, wiping his forehead and looking at Mr. Hammond expectantly.

"Thank you, guys", Mr. Hammond said with a smile, reaching into his pocket and handing each of the men a couple of bills.

"No prob", the other delivery man grinned, pocketing the money. "Heavy machinery?"

"Nah", Mr. Hammond chuckled. He looked at the box and smiled. "Just some toys."

The delivery men chuckled.

When they were gone, Mr. Hammond opened the box.

The boy was neatly tied up, his feet crossed behind his head, his hands crossed under his ass, tied together and attached to the rope that went around the boy's genitalia, propping up his dick and balls.

"Huh", Mr. Hammond mumbled, inspecting the boy's junk. "Smaller than I expected."

"Not happy?" the boy said, looking concerned. "You could send me back and tell headquarters to send an L or XL model if you---"

"It's okay", Mr. Hammond interrupted him, squeezing the nuts with his strong hands. "They'll do."

The boy smiled at him. "That's nice to hear. Starting now, you'll have 24 hours to do whatever you want to them before they come to take me back to headquarters for recuperation." He glanced at his nuts and chuckled. "They are pretty full so I guess they'll be good for at least three or four rounds."

Mr. Hammond grinned. "Nice."

The boy smiled politely. "Make sure to fill out the feedback form on the website if you're happy with my service." He grimaced comically. "I always say this beforehand because I won't be in able to speak much when you're done with me..."

Mr. Hammond laughed. "You certainly won't." He reached behind the door and grabbed his baseball bat. It was a large, wooden one that he had gotten years back when he was in college.

"That'll do some damage", the boy quipped. "Come on, hit 'em out of the park!"

Mr. Hammond grinned. He'd certainly try to. He tapped the boy's balls playfully with the business end of the bat, eliciting a soft moan from the boy.

Then he brought the bat back, his eyes on the target, the boy's smooth, neatly tied ballbag.

He liked to start off a session with a couple of hard shots with his bat. That'd soften the balls up, make them swell nicely. After that, even the lightest slap would cause unspeakable pain.

Mr. Hammond smiled.

The baseball bat whooshed down, connecting with the boy's trapped nuts with a loud, wet splat.

The boy screamed from the top of his lungs.

For a split second, a thought popped into his head.

Maybe it was time to get a new job.

Then his vision blurred and everything went white with hot, sharp, unbearable pain.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Hot and horny (Stefan meets Logan)

Special thanks to Stefan for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who will grow an instant boner when looking at Stefan's pictures!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

And, as a special treat, here are some pictures of Stefan. He shared them with me, and I anonymized them so Stefan won't get into trouble with his girlfriend... Thank you very, very much, Stefan, for these pictures and for a tremendously entertaining and hot conversation! I sure hope we'll stay in touch! :-))

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Stefan spotted the hot, young couple right away, sitting at the other end of the swimming pool, holding hands.

He couldn’t help but notice the girl’s nice round breasts and her long, beautiful legs. She was just beautiful.

When the girl glanced over at him, Stefan quickly averted his eyes.

The 20 year old had arrived just a week ago to spend three months in the United States. He had been looking forward to the stay abroad, even if it meant leaving his girlfriend behind in Finland. He was missing her. Badly. His balls were churning with pent-up sperm and his dick had a mind of its own, growing hard at the most inconvenient times.

Like right now.

He was wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of speedos that were starting to tent with his boner. Thank goodness he was alone in the sports center, except for the couple.

Stefan sheepishly adjusted his crotch.

He noticed the girl glancing over again.

This time, Stefan didn’t look away.

She reminded him of his girlfriend, Aino, a beautiful girl with long blond hair and a very nice pair of breasts.

Stefan’s dick stirred inside his speedos.

The girl turned to her boyfriend and whispered something into his ear that made them both laugh.

When they both looked over, Stefan jumped into the pool.

He needed to cool off.

When he got out of the water, the couple was still there.

As was his boner, despite getting chilled in the cool water.

Stefan got out of the pool and ran his hands through his wet hair. He was so fucking horny. He shifted and adjusted his crotch. The inner spandex of his swimwear was sticking to his nutsack, gluing it uncomfortably to the underside of his dick. He hated it when that happened. It made his junk feel sticky and itchy.

He glanced at the couple again.

The boy was gone.

The girl was looking at him.

A smile spread on Stefan’s handsome face. He was blond and blue-eyed, looking very Scandinavian. His body was on the lanky side but he was an experienced swimmer, and it was showing.

“Hey there”, Stefan said, walking over to the girl. “I’m Stefan.”

“Ashley”, the girl said, a cute smile on her face.

“Nice to meet you, Ashley”, Stefan said, smiling.

Ashley glanced at his crotch. “Nice to meet you too, Stefan.”

Stefan’s smile widened. He put his hands on his hips as if to show that he had nothing to hide.

The outline of his genitalia was visible in his wet speedos. He had a nice dick, not too large, but larger than average. His balls were plump and big, and full of cum.

“You’re not from here, right?” Ashley said.

Stefan raised his eyebrows. “Is it that obvious?”

Ashley laughed. “Well, I haven’t seen you before.”

Stefan chuckled. “I’m from Finland. I’m here for three months.”

There was moment of silence.

Stefan’s boner twitched and he resisted the urge to grab his crotch. There was that sticky, itchy feeling in his speedos again. He cleared his throat and smiled. “Was that your boyfriend?”

“Yes, actually”, came a voice from behind him. “I’m her boyfriend.”

Stefan winced.

Ashley giggled.

Ashley’s boyfriend put his arm around her as if to stress his claim on her. “I’m Logan”, he said, eyeing Stefan from head to toe.

Stefan smiled awkwardly. “Nice to meet you. I’m Stefan.”

Ashley snuggled up to Logan. “He’s from Finland.”

Logan nodded. “I see.”

Logan was a muscular, athletic guy, 18 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes just like Stefan. His choice of swimwear was a little less European, a little more modest than Stefan’s. He was wearing a pair of patterned swimming trunks that didn’t show off his package quite as frankly as Stefan’s speedos.

Ashley’s eyes were glued to Stefan’s crotch.

Stefan was aware of her stare, as was Logan.

Stefan gulped. He didn’t want to cover his boner but he didn’t feel comfortable with Ashley checking out his genitalia either. He cleared his throat. “I hope my choice of swimwear is not too bold”, he said cockily. “It’s just that I'm a competitive swimmer and shorts would only slow me down.”

Ashley giggled. “I like bold men…”

Stefan's dick twitched, much to the amusement of Ashley.

Logan looked at his girlfriend before turning to Stefan. There was a brief glimpse of irritation in his eyes, and Stefan thought for a moment that Logan would throw a punch at him.

Instead, Logan chuckled. “You’re a swimmer, huh? Fancy a little race?” He nodded at the pool.

Stefan shrugged. “Sure, why not.”

Ashley tore her eyes away from Stefan’s bulge and looked at her boyfriend. “But I thought we wanted to…” Her voice trailed off as she stared at Logan.

“Oh”, Stefan said quickly. “If it’s a bad time we can---“

“No, no, it’s fine”, Logan said without breaking eye contact with him. “Let’s do it.”

“Logan!” Ashley whispered. “I thought---“

Stefan cleared his throat. “You know, I don’t want to---“

“It will only take a minute”, Logan interrupted her, looking at Stefan

Stefan shrugged his shoulders. “Okay.” He adjusted his crotch, trying to peel the inner spandex of his speedos from his dick and balls.

Logan’s eyes narrowed. He grabbed his own crotch and adjusted it, making sure to grab his junk in a way that highlighted his ample package. “Let’s do it right here, right now.”

Stefan pretended not to notice. “Okay.”

“Okay”, Logan said.

Stefan nodded. “Okay.”

“Okay”, Logan said.

Ashley rolled his eyes. “But we---“

“Just wait here”, Logan said. “I’ll be right back.”

Ashley let out an annoyed sigh and sat down on a bench as the boys stood side by side at the edge of the pool.

“Ten lanes”, Logan said.

Stefan nodded. “Okay.”

“You give the signal, babe, okay?” Logan said.

Ashley pouted. “Logan, I want to go home and---“

“Just give the signal”, Logan said. “I’ll be right with you.”

Ashley rolled her eyes. “Ready”, she said in a bored voice. “Steady. Go.”

The boys jumped into the water and started swimming as if they were trying to escape a shark.

It was a close race up until the fourth lane when Stefan took the lead. Logan was hot on his heels but by the end of the sixth lane Stefan managed to shake him off, increasing the distance and finishing the race more than half a lane ahead of Logan.

They stopped, catching their breath.

“Congratulations”, Logan said, breathing heavily. “You’re… you’re good.”

“Thanks”, Stefan said, panting. “I’m… You’re… not bad either...” He turned to Logan and grinned. “In fact… You’re… You’re better than I expected…” He winked at Logan. “I had to… make an effort...”

Logan let out a laugh.

They got out of the water.

Ashley was gone.

“Where’s your girlfriend?” Stefan asked, adjusting his wet speedos.

Logan shrugged his shoulders. “She’ll be right back I suppose.”

Stefan nodded. His body was dripping wet. “She’s hot.”

Logan looked at him. “Yeah.”

“Very hot”, Stefan said.

Logan’s eyes narrowed. “If you think you can just---“

“Sorry”, Stefan said quickly. “I didn’t mean to--- It’s just that I--- She reminds me of my girlfriend back in Finland.”

Logan chuckled, nodding at Stefan’s obvious erection. “You miss her, huh?”

“Fuck yeah”, Stefan groaned, adjusting his hard dick inside his speedos. “It’s been a week and---“ He let out a laugh. “I’m so fucking horny.”

Logan joined in the laughter. “She hot?”

“Aino?” Stefan chuckled. “Fuck yeah!”

“As hot as Ashley?” Logan grinned.

Stefan smiled cockily. “Hotter.”

“No way”, Logan chuckled.

“Fuck yeah!”

“Well, my friend”, Logan grinned. “Unfortunately, your girlfriend is back in Finland, and you’re here, all by yourself.” His grin widened. “And while you’ll probably blow your load into a sock tonight, thinking about Aino or Ashley or some other hot girl, I’ll be fucking my super-hot girlfriend all night long.” He winked at Stefan. “She promised to give me a blowjob tonight”, he said, lowering his voice conspiratorially. “And I tell you, she’s very, very good at it…”

Stefan let out a frustrated moan as his dick twitched inside his speedos.

Logan noticed, chuckling. “You know what Ashley told me right before you came over?” He grinned at Stefan’s miserable expression. “She told me to go home with her, and put on my speedos. She wanted me to parade around for her. What’s the words she used? Oh yeah: ‘You parade around for me with all your goods displayed neatly and tightly, and then I’ll blow you like never before.’” He chuckled and put his hand on Stefan’s shoulder, feigning sympathy. “I’m so sorry. Looks like you won the race but I get the prize…”

Stefan’s rock-hard dick was tenting his wet speedos. He cleared his throat. “So where is she?”

Logan looked around. “She’ll be back any second”, he said confidently.

Stefan chuckled. “You sure?”

Logan grinned. “Of course.”

Stefan’s eyes fell on a piece of paper that was lying on the bench where Ashley had sat.

Logan followed his gaze and picked it up. He instantly recognized Ashley’s handwriting. It was a short note that made Logan groan.

Stefan raised his eyebrows.

Logan handed him the piece of paper.

Stefan looked at it. “Go blow yourself. A.” He laughed.

“Fuck”, Logan mumbled.

“Trouble in paradise?” Stefan chuckled.

Logan sighed. “Ashley’s a great girl – but when she’s in a mood you better keep out of her way…”

Stefan grinned. “So no blowjob tonight?”

Logan grimaced. “More like no blowjob for the rest of the month.”

“Ouch”, Stefan chuckled.

“Yeah, ouch”, Logan sighed. He shifted uncomfortably. “Worst of all, I saved up for her.”

Stefan looked at him.

“I didn’t shoot my load”, Logan explained. “Didn’t cum since…” He thought for a moment. “Saturday.”

“Double ouch”, Stefan said, grimacing in sympathy.

“Yeah”, Logan adjusted his crotch.

“Welcome to the club”, Stefan grinned.

“Blue Balls Club”, Logan dead-panned. “Bring your own leverages.”

They burst out laughing.

“Fuck, I’m going to cream my pants if we talk about girls any longer”, Stefan said, squeezing his crotch. “Fancy another race?”

Logan let out a laugh. “No fucking way. You’re just going to kill me again.”

Stefan grinned. “Show you who’s a real man, you mean.”

Logan chuckled. “What about a wrestling match?”

Stefan grimaced. “I know nothing about wrestling.”

Logan grinned. “No problem. Wanna give it a go?”

“In our swimming trunks?” Stefan adjusted his crotch.

“Why not”, Logan said.

“Here?” Stefan chuckled.

“We can go into the locker rooms”, Logan shrugged his shoulders. “There’s nobody there.”

Stefan looked at him. His dick was rock hard. His balls were boiling with cum. His blood was brimming with testosterone and adrenaline. “Alright”, he said.

Logan crumpled up Ashley’s note and headed for the door.

Stefan followed him.

They entered the locker room, and Logan smiled at Stefan. “Wait a second, I’ll be right back.”

Stefan chuckled. “Yeah, sure just like your girlfriend, huh? Don’t you have to promise me a blowjob first?”

Logan laughed as he left the room.

He returned a minute later, holding a workout mat that he placed on the tiled ground.

“You’re prepared”, Stefan grinned.

Logan shrugged and smiled at Stefan. “You don’t want me to break your bones when I wipe the floor with you, right?” He unwittingly grabbed his crotch and squeezed his package.

Stefan chuckled. “Good thinking.” His dick was rock hard as he looked at his opponent.

Despite the fact that Stefan was two years older than Logan, they looked very much the same age. Logan was bit more muscular than Stefan, but they shared a boyish, handsome look.

“You ready?” Logan grinned, rubbing his hands as he assumed a staggered stance.

Stefan chuckled. “I don’t know, am I?” He didn’t know why but his heart was pounding and he was eager to wrap his hands around Logan’s body, to feel his muscles, to grab him, to fight him and to defeat him.

Judging from the huge boner inside his swimming trunks, Logan’s feeling were very similar. “Alright, let’s do this”, Logan said, his eyes filled with hunger.

He lunged at Stefan. It took him only a couple of seconds to pin Stefan down.

The second round didn’t go any better, and Stefan found himself in a three-quarter nelson less than a minute into the match.

“Fuck, you’re good”, Stefan grunted, panting heavily, as Logan let go of him.

Logan chuckled. “Come on, stand up, this isn’t over yet! Best of five!”

Stefan let out a groan. Logan was so good at this that he didn’t stand a chance. And yet he continued fighting.

Logan attacked him, throwing him off guard. They rolled around on the mat, their muscular bodies rubbing against each other.

Stefan felt Logan’s hard dick poke into his thigh and he felt his own boner twitch inside his speedos.

A moment later, Logan had Stefan in a half-nelson.

Both Stefan and Logan were panting heavily. Their muscular bodies were glued together by their sweat.

Stefan waved his arm. Suddenly, his fingers bumped against Logan’s hard cock. Without making the conscious decision, Stefan went for Logan’s balls. His fingers snuck into the leg opening of Logan’s swimming trunks and he grabbed hold of Logan’s fat, plump nuts, yanking them out and squeezing them as hard as he could.

He felt Logan’s nuts pulse between his fingers, and he heard Logan yelp in surprise and pain. He squeezed harder, making Logan’s voice go up an octave as he yodeled in agony as Stefan squished his tender nuggets with his bare hand.

Logan’s hold on Stefan weakened, and Stefan took the opportunity to throw Logan off him, making him lie on his back while holding on to Stefan’s nuts.

Stefan was straddling Logan, facing his feet, his body weight resting on his chest.

They were in a 69 position, and Stefan took full advantage of it. He grabbed Logan’s nuts with both of his hands, separating each of the balls between his index and middle fingers, squeezing the nut with all the force he could muster.

Logan let out an anguished wail. “That’s illegal!” he protested, his face contorted in pain.

“You’re not getting a blowjob anyway, remember”, Stefan mused, crushing Logan’s balls mercilessly with both of his hands. “So what do you need your nuts for?” He applied even more force, flattening Logan’s nuts like pancakes.

The sight of Logan’s trapped balls between his fingers made Stefan’s hard dick tickle and twitch.

Logan’s eyes crossed and he let out a miserable moan as his balls were held captive in Stefan’s merciless nut-claw. “Let go of my nuts!” he pleaded frantically.

“Sorry”, Stefan chuckled, twisting Logan’s balls and making him wail in agony. “Say goodbye to your little balls…”

Logan let out an anguished scream. Suddenly, he saw something. His lifesaver was right in front of his eyes! He pulled down Stefan’s speedos, exposing his butt cheeks, and reached between his thighs, pulling back Stefan’s big, plump nuts. They were a little smaller than Logan’s but by no means small. In fact, they fit right into Logan’s hands.

Taking a page from Stefan’s book, Logan grabbed Stefan’s testicles with both of his hands, trapping each of his balls individually between his index and middle finger and pressing his thumbs into the tender flesh.

“Holy fuck!” Stefan grunted.

“Let go of my balls!” Logan moaned.

“No fucking way!” Stefan groaned, doubling down and squeezing Logan’s nuts mercilessly.

“I’ll turn your nuts into fucking paste!” Logan whimpered, squishing Stefan’s balls as hard as he could.

“I think I can feel your left nut popping!” Stefan’s thumb was pressing into the tender flesh of Logan’s fat left testicle as if he was trying to core them.

Logan’s voice reached completely new heights. His eyes crossed, his mouth handing open, he let out a soprano squeal.

He squished Stefan’s balls, his knuckles whitening as he pressed his fingers together, viciously flattening Stefan’s tough balls.

Stefan joined Logan in a soprano duet that would have made a pair of opera singers proud.

Both Stefan and Logan were screaming, their high-pitched voices filling the locker room, as they squished and squashed each other’s most prized possessions.

Their balls were rapidly swelling inside the strong, relentless hands of their opponent, but neither of them was willing to give up.

“It hasn’t popped yet, has it?” Stefan squeaked, his face contorted in pain. “My nuts are tougher than yours!” As if to prove his point, Stefan twisted Logan’s nuts away from each other, making him yodel in pain.

“We’ll see about that”, Logan squealed, changing his technique. He grabbed Stefan’s nutsack by the neck, forming a little ring with his thumb and index finger, and yanked down hard.

Stefan screamed from the top of his lungs.

“You should see your balls – they look horrible!” Logan smacked Stefan’s swollen balls hard with the palm of his hand, eliciting a high-pitched wail.

“Yours don’t look any better”, Stefan retorted, closing both of his hands around Logan’s ballsack and grinding the tender orbs between them.

They continued bashing each others’ nuts mercilessly, squeezing and smacking them, twisting them, yanking and pulling on them.

Finally, Logan blurted out, “Maybe we should call it a draw.” His face was a mask of pain. His body was drenched in sweat.

“No way!” Stefan grunted, pressing his thumbs into Logan’s meaty balls.

Logan wailed in agony. “Time out! Time out!”

“Okay”, Stefan groaned.

They stopped bashing each others’ nuts but kept holding on to the captive nutsacks, keeping them hostage, ready to start the assault anew in the blink of an eye.

“Okay”, Logan moaned.

Stefan looked at Logan’s nutsack in his hand. He couldn’t help but chuckle. “Fuck, your balls are wrecked! I hope you didn’t plan on having children because, well”, he laughed, “these two beauties are pretty much destroyed.”

Logan let out a long groan. “Same here, buddy, same here. You thought you had blue balls before, right? Now they’re black and blue…”

Even though their balls were bruised and swollen, the two studs’ dicks were rock hard inside their swimwear.

Stefan grimaced. “Okay, what’s the plan?”

Logan coughed. “We can go on with this and turn each others’ nuts into peanut butter…”

Stefan gulped.

“Or we change the challenge”, Logan continued.

“What do you have in mind?” Stefan groaned.

“Well, we were talking about blowjobs earlier, right?” Logan said.

“Yeah”, Stefan said, his dick twitching at the thought.

“What about this”, Logan said, grimacing. “We suck each other off. And whoever manages to suck a load out of their opponents balls is the winner.”

Stefan didn’t have to think twice. “Alright”, he said hoarsely, his dick twitching in anticipation.

Remaining in the 69 position, they took off their swimwear.

Both of their dicks were rock hard and leaking precum.

Logan jerked Stefan’s cock a couple of times. It was a nice, hard, long piece of meat. It’s scent, salty and sweaty and irresistibly manly, filled his nostrils. He tugged at Stefan’s foreskin and chuckled.

Stefan was marveling at Logan’s incredible dick. It was larger than his and a bit fatter, a thick, meaty monster. He had seen a couple of dicks before, but this was a thing of beauty. It was cut, its bulbous head glistening with precum. He couldn’t wait to get this wonderful piece into his mouth, to wrap his lips around it and suck Logan’s cum out of his bruised and battered balls.

“You’re not circumcised”, Logan said, playing with Stefan’s foreskin. “It looks… weird…”

“Wait till you have it in your pretty little mouth”, Stefan chuckled.

They both laughed, forgetting about the pain in their nuts for a moment.

“Ready?” Logan said in a husky, horny voice.

“Oh yeah”, Stefan whispered.

He wrapped his lips around Logan’s dick, tasting his precum on his tongue. The sensation was almost overwhelming. The heat and the pent-up lust that was radiating from Logan’s beautiful cock made Stefan dizzy and giddy and hungry for the creamy treat that was stored in Logan’s swollen babymakers.

Logan tentatively stuck his tongue out and ran it over the tip of Stefan’s dick, circling the rim of the mushroom head, sneaking under his foreskin.

The room was filled with slurping and moaning, sucking and panting as they both worked their hearts out trying to make their opponent cum.

While sucking passionately on Logan’s magnificent dick, Stefan couldn’t help but notice the irony: Just a few moments ago he had been bashing Logan’s balls in, trying to crush his nuts with his bare fingers, and now he had his dick in his mouth, pleasuring it to release the flood of pent-up jizz from his fat nuggets.

Logan was getting closer and closer to orgasm as Stefan expertly sucked on his dick.

There was no question about it: When it came to cocksucking, Stefan was an artful, gifted master, and Logan was merely a talented amateur.

Logan’s dick was leaking precum like mad, and Stefan gulped it all down eagerly, using his tongue and his lips, his tonsils and his palate to pleasure the throbbing boner, inching Logan closer and closer to orgasm.

Logan was slurping on Stefan’s cock, panting heavily, trying to keep up with Stefan’s passionate, increasingly aggressive technique.

“Oh god”, Logan moaned, muffled by Stefan’s dick. “Oh, god!”

A second later, Stefan’s cheeks puffed with Logan’s enormous load. A week’s worth of creamy, salty semen filled his mouth, and Stefan swallowed it eagerly, sucking every drop of cum out of Logan’s swollen nuts, milking him dry with his wet mouth, savoring the delicious fruit of his labor.

Logan was moaning and groaning, twitching and squirming, as his body was rocked by what was probably the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced.

The slurping sound of Stefan gulping down Logan’s cum mixed with Logan’s moans of pleasure.

Finally, Logan’s balls were drained, and Stefan came up for air. “Ahhhhh!” he sighed, a little drop of cum running down his chin. He wiped it off and chuckled. “Fuck, that was good.”

“Good?” Logan was panting heavily, his body covered in sweat. “Good? That was fucking amazing! Seriously, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

Stefan turned around and grinned. “Better than your girlfriend?”

Logan let out a laugh. “Don’t tell her but – holy fuck, yeah!”

Stefan wiped his mouth and chuckled.

“Amazing”, Logan sighed, leaning back and closing his eyes. “Fucking amazing.”

Stefan laughed. “Well, you know, I’ve been practicing a lot”, he chuckled, “with both men and women. If you ask me you can’t give a good blowjob if you haven’t experienced a good blowjob.”

“Amazing”, Logan repeated slowly. “Thank you.” He opened his eyes and grinned at Stefan. “You’re a great teacher. Maybe I could use another lesson so I get better at it?”

Stefan laughed. “Anytime. But first I want my prize.”

“What do you mean?” Logan mumbled, utterly exhausted and drained of energy.

“Well, I won”, Stefan grinned. “Now it’s time to collect the prize.”

Logan smiled sleepily. “Sure, go ahead. Anything you want.”

Stefan chuckled. He leaned over and studied Logan’s face.

It was glowing with post-orgasmic bliss. He looked so cute and vulnerable.

Stefan’s dick was hard and throbbing. He licked his lips.

For a brief moment, he was of two minds about how to proceed. Kiss and cuddle, or relishing his moment of undisputed dominance.

He grinned.

Then he slapped Logan’s face.

Logan’s eyes opened wide and he let out a surprised yelp.

“Alright then”, Stefan chuckled. “Get up.”

Logan stared at Stefan, sitting up. “What do you---“

Stefan grabbed Logan’s head with both of his hands and pressed it into his crotch. “Let’s see”, he said with a grin as Logan face was buried in his manhood. “What do I want?”

Logan let out a muffled grunt of protest.

“First I want you to suck on my balls”, Stefan announced, pulling Logan back by the hair before stuffing his balls into Logan’s mouth. “You did quite a number on them. Now make them feel better.”

Logan grunted and groaned, Stefan’s swollen balls filling his mouth, his hard dick resting on his face. The tip of Stefan’s cock was obstructing his view, covering his right eye.

Stefan looked down at him and grinned. He grabbed his dick and smacked Logan’s face with it a couple of times. “Yeah, suck on those big nuts, go to town on them. Choke on my manhood!”

Logan groaned, blinking nervously as he worshipped Stefan’s junk.

“Oh god”, Stefan moaned as Logan’s tongue worked over his tender, cum-filled babymakers. “That feels so fucking awesome!”

Logan let out a muffled grunt, his mouth filled with Stefan’s manhood.

“Oh god”, Stefan repeated, pulling his ballsack out of Logan’s mouth just in time to prevent a premature ejaculation. It was dripping wet with Logan’s spit.

Logan coughed.

Stefan smacked his face with the palm of his hand. “Get up”, he said, “and spread your legs. I’m going to kick your nuts into oblivion.”

Logan groaned, complying grudgingly. He was used to being in command, and it was hard to submit himself to another man. But Stefan had earned it, and if it had been the other way round, Logan would have done exactly the same.

Logan shifted uncomfortably as he spread his legs.

His balls were dangling vulnerably between his thighs. They were bruised and swollen, and completely drained.

And yet his dick was showing signs of life. It had softened a bit, and now it was fattening again.

“Holy shit”, Stefan chuckled. “Looks like you’re good for another load, huh?”

Logan smiled sheepishly. “I guess I’m good at replenishing stocks…”

Stefan laughed. “Yeah. Well, extracting this one will be a little more painful…”

Logan groaned. “Come on, why don’t we---“

Stefan’s bare foot connected with Logan’s swollen babymakers with a wet splat.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs, doubling over and clutching his crotch.

Taking advantage of Logan’s position, Stefan grabbed him by the ears and shoved his dick into his mouth, burying it to the hilt and pressing Logan’s lips into his pubes.

Logan let out a funny sound that was equal parts surprise, pain and panic as he was choking on Stefan’s hard rod.

Stefan started powerfucking Logan’s mouth, holding his head in place while ramming his dick in and out of his mouth.

“Fuck yeah”, he moaned. “Your cocksucking skills need improving – but your mouth is a great fuck hole!”

Logan was gurgling and grunting, retching and gagging.

With a generous smile, Stefan pulled his dick out of Logan’s mouth, allowing Logan to catch his breath, spit running down his neck.

“Spread your legs”, Stefan said with a grin. “I’m not done with you, yet.”

Logan groaned and did as he was told.

“Your balls look pretty bad”, Stefan grinned. “Let’s hope they’ll survive this…”

With that, he kicked Logan’s nuts hard, slamming them into his body.

Logan’s eyes crossed and he let out a high-pitched squeal that made Stefan laugh out loud.

“Actually”, he grinned, “let’s make sure they don’t survive this…”

He followed up with another hard kick to Logan’s badly bruised ballsack, flattening his nuts against his body and making him shriek like a banshee.

Stefan muffled Logan’s scream by shoving his dick into his mouth again, mercilessly pounding his throat and making him gag and gurgle as the tip of Stefan’s cock tickled his tonsils.

Just before Stefan reached the point of no return, he pulled his dick out of Logan’s mouth and smacked his dick on his face, sending drops of precum flying around.

“Let’s finish your balls off”, Stefan chuckled, making Logan stand up again.

“Oh god”, Logan groaned. He was panting heavily, his muscular body covered in sweat, his hair messed up and dripping wet.

Stefan brought his leg back and kicked Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

The sound of Stefan’s foot connecting with Logan’s balls echoed through the room.

Logan’s eyes crossed and his jaw dropped. For a moment, it looked like he was about to puke. Instead, his dick let go of a huge spurt of spunk that splattered against Stefan’s chest, dripping down onto Stefan’s rock-hard dick.

Jet after jet of creamy cum sputtered out of Logan’s dick. The handsome high school wrestler’s body was shaking and shivering, his face frozen in pain, as his balls were emptied for the second time.

Stefan didn’t wait until Logan’s orgasm had subsided.

He kicked Logan’s busy balls once again, pulling him out of his trance and eliciting a girlish, ridiculously high-pitched squeal.

He sank to his knees, his mouth wide open.

Stefan let out a soft moan of pleasure. His dick was covered in Logan’s cum, and Stefan shoved it into Logan’s mouth, making him taste his own baby batter.

“Oh my fucking god!” The sensation of Logan’s warm, wet mouth on Stefan’s dick took him over the edge, and Stefan’s cock erupted, shooting a giant jet of cum deep into Logan’s throat, turning his scream into an almost comical gurgle.

To prevent Logan from suffocating on his spunk, Stefan quickly pulled his dick out of Logan’s mouth and grabbed Logan by the hair, pulling his head back and covering his face in jizz.

Logan’s two loads had been enormous – but Stefan’s was out of this world.

Moaning and panting, Stefan let go of his pent-up sperm, showering Logan in creamy spunk, coating his face and his muscular body in a fresh layer of sticky cum as the final jets of Logan’s forcefully ejected load dripped onto the floor.

“Oh my god”, Stefan moaned, slapping Logan’s face with his dick.

Logan let out a pitiful whimper and collapsed on the ground.

Stefan sank down next to him, breathing heavily.

They lay on the ground, side by side, for more than an hour without saying a word.

Their bodies were touching, glued together with their cum. Their breathing was in synch, their eyes were closed. They felt connected and warm, lying naked on the floor, vulnerable and spent, sharing a special, tender moment that neither of them wanted to end.

Finally, Logan turned to Stefan, a weak smile on his face. “You like winning, huh?”

Stefan chuckled. “If it means getting to play with a hot guy like you…”

Logan let out a laugh. “You call that playing? I call it torture…”

Stefan grinned. “Then you should see me torturing you…”

They burst out laughing.

After putting on their clothes, they left the pool.

Stefan couldn’t help but notice the distinct limp in Logan’s walk, and the way his face scrunched up with every step.

“We should do this again sometime”, Stefan said, smiling at Logan.

Logan grimaced. “Yeah, well, maybe.”

“If you want to become a better cocksucker you’ll definitely need another lesson”, Stefan grinned.

Logan laughed. “Yeah.”

“I’ll be here for another twelve weeks”, Stefan said. “Let me know if you’re interested.”

Logan chuckled. “Maybe we can skip the ball bashing and just do the blowjob?”

Stefan grinned. “You’d like that, huh?”

Logan laughed. “I’d love that. Who wouldn’t?”

Stefan smiled. “I’ll think about it.” He glanced at Logan’s bulging crotch, leaned over and whispered into Logan’s ear, “You’ve got a great pair of balls, you know that, right?”

Logan grinned. “Thanks.”

Stefan chuckled and grabbed Logan’s crotch, giving Logan’s bruised, bloated balls a quick, strong squeeze.

Logan’s jaw dropped, his eyes lost focus and he let out a dry cough, doubling over in pain.

Stefan chuckled and walked away. “See you around.”

“See you around”, Logan croaked. “Maybe.”