Sunday, January 8, 2017

Who is Simon? (updated)

Original date: 01/07/2015

Last year we started collecting pictures for the Ballbusting Boys (here are ZachDavidLoganBenthe twinsChadKevLeo and Cal). Now let's turn our attention to Simon. Simon is 23 years old but he looks younger. He has dark blond hair and wears glasses. He seems pretty nerdy but he has a kinky side - and an insatiable thirst for cum... (If you want to revisit Simon's adventures you find all the stories labelled "Simon" here.)

Now, what do you think he looks like? Feel free to post links to celebrities or porn stars or whatever you like in the comments section. Headshots or nude pictures or fully clothed ones - everything is welcome. Alternatively you can send me pictures or drawings or whatever you like via e-mail ( - if you provide me with the source I'll post them here on the blog.

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Scroll down for readers' suggestions.

Update 01/08/2015:

DMann's suggestion via email:
Model Robert Rogoff
An anonymous reader's pick:

Porn star Olly Daniels
Update 02/11/2016:

Another anonymous reader's suggestion:

Update 01/08/2017:

An anonymous reader's suggestion via email: model Blake Mitchell
Blake admires his meaty dick. 
Blake's big bulge gets a playful squeeze.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

What about Olly Daniels:

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! I've added it to the post.

Anonymous said...

What about this guy. I saw his picture on tumblr.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I've added the picture to the post! :-))